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  1. Syncing Waves and Mangling Sounds: Exploring Carn, Maestro, Deva, LXR, and Loopman in Eurorack

    Explore the exciting possibilities of combining the Instruo Carn, Acid Rain Technology Maestro, XAOC Devices Deva, Erica Synths LXR, and Error Instruments Loopman modules in your Eurorack setup. The Instruo Carn is a versatile utility mixer with various signal processing functions, including panning, VCA, ring modulation, and a signal crossfader. The Acid Rain Technology Maestro is a clocked modulation controller that allows you to push and pull parameters in perfect sync with your system, offering looping/one-shot waveforms, internal or external clocking, and recallable save and load slots. The XAOC Devices Deva is an expander for the Timiszoara multi-fx module, providing additional feedback loops, DAC clock control, and CV control options for creative signal processing. The Erica Synths LXR is a percussion synthesizer that offers assignable CV control, trigger inputs with accents, and various adjustable parameters per voice, making it an excellent choice for drum and basslines in your Eurorack system. Finally, the Error Instruments Loopman is an experimental cassette tape recorder that adds a lo-fi quality to your sound, with the ability to record sounds on cassette tape, control tape speed with CV, and even includes a built-in AM/FM radio for added experimentation. Together, these modules offer a world of possibilities for syncing waves, mangling sounds, and creating unique textures in your Eurorack setup.

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