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  1. Unleashing Creative Possibilities with Neutral Labs PIP: A Dual Clocked CV Generator and Recorder

    The Neutral Labs PIP is a powerful dual clocked CV generator and recorder that allows for endless creative possibilities in only 8 HP. With its two morphable CV generators/complex LFOs, users can sync them together in predefined ratios, phase-shift them, or leave them unsynced. The module comes with a wide variety of preset waveforms and random waves, but also allows users to record and morph their own external CV or knob movements. In short, the PIP is a must-have for any modular synth enthusiast looking to expand their creative options.

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  2. Exploring the Cosmos: A Guide to the Manifold Research Centre TetragridDoor to the Stars Eurorack Expander Module

    In this article, we explore the Manifold Research Centre TetragridDoor to the Stars Eurorack Expander Module. This unique module opens six Einstein-Rosen bridges, also known as wormholes, allowing you to send external CV inputs to perturbate the gravitational interactions of the Tetragrid star map system. The module features hyperspace switches to open and close the portals/inputs and allows cascading of signals if only one input is patched. By connecting the CV output to different pads on the playing board, you can affect the internal behavior of the Tetragrid. This module offers a range of possibilities, including stalling or syncing the Tetragrid cycles and producing FM-like behaviors. The use of the hyperspace switch adds unpredictability and playability to your patch. The module is capable of handling +10V/-10V signals without any issue. Overall, the TetragridDoor to the Stars module provides a unique and chaotic exploration of the cosmos within your Eurorack system.

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