Befaco Lich: Unleashing Endless Possibilities with the Programmable Multi-Function Module

The Befaco Lich is a revolutionary programmable multi-function module that is set to redefine the world of patch programming and visual interface exploration. Developed as a collaboration between Befaco and Rebel Technology, this module is based on the Rebel Technology OWL platform, bringing back the beloved platform with a new hardware iteration.

One of the standout features of the Befaco Lich is its stereo audio in and out capabilities. With a sample rate of 48k and 24-bit audio resolution, the module ensures pristine sound quality that will satisfy even the most discerning ears. This allows you to create complex and rich sonic landscapes within your Eurorack system.

In addition to its audio prowess, the Befaco Lich offers four pot controls with CV inputs, giving you precise control over various parameters. These potentiometers can be controlled manually or via CV input, allowing for dynamic modulation and automation. This enhances the versatility and expressiveness of the module, letting you create evolving and immersive musical experiences.

Furthermore, the Befaco Lich provides CV and Gate outputs, as well as Gate inputs with buttons. This expands the module's functionality, enabling seamless integration with other modules in your setup. You can easily synchronize and trigger events using the CV and Gate connections, opening up a world of possibilities for creative patching and experimentation.

The patch selection feature of the Befaco Lich adds a visual interface element to your workflow. Equipped with a display, you can visualize and select different patches, making navigation and customization more intuitive and efficient. This enhances the overall user experience and streamlines your creative process.

Moreover, the Befaco Lich includes USB MIDI host and device connections, further expanding its connectivity options. You can connect MIDI controllers, keyboards, and other devices to the module, allowing for seamless integration and control.

With the Befaco Lich, the possibilities for patch programming and visual interface exploration are endless. Its combination of high-quality audio processing, comprehensive control options, and intuitive visual interface make it a must-have module for both seasoned professionals and aspiring musicians. Whether you're delving into complex sound design or creating intricate rhythmic patterns, the Befaco Lich empowers you to unleash your creativity to the fullest.

Example Usage

NOVICE-level usage example:

Let's say you've recently acquired the Befaco Lich, and you're excited to explore its programmable multi-function capabilities. To start off, let's create a simple patch using the LFO and envelope generator functions.

First, connect your audio source, such as a synthesizer or drum machine, to the stereo audio inputs of the Lich. Then, connect the Lich's stereo audio outputs to a mixer or amplifier.

Next, let's use one of the Lich's CV controls to modulate the filter cutoff of your audio source. Take a patch cable and connect the CV output 1 of the Lich to the CV input on your filter module. Adjust the CV control on the Lich to set the desired modulation range for the filter cutoff.

Now, let's set up an envelope generator to shape the amplitude of your audio source. Connect one of the gate inputs on the Lich to the gate output of your MIDI or sequencer module. This will trigger the envelope generator. Adjust the envelope settings on the Lich to control the attack, decay, sustain, and release of the envelope.

To add some rhythmic modulation, use the Lich's second CV output to control the speed of an LFO module. Connect the CV output 2 to the rate or frequency input of your LFO module. Adjust the CV control on the Lich to set the desired modulation range for the LFO speed.

Finally, experiment with different patch selections on the Lich using the display and buttons. This allows you to switch between various presets or custom patches you have created.

With these basic patching techniques, you can start exploring the endless possibilities of the Befaco Lich. Remember to experiment and have fun as you discover new sounds and creative possibilities with this versatile programmable module.

An intermediate-level usage example for the Befaco Lich module could be creating a complex rhythmic pattern by combining CV modulation and gate inputs.

Start by connecting a drum module to the stereo audio input of the Lich module. Use one of the CV controls to adjust the pitch of the drum sound. You can experiment with different drum modules to explore various sonic possibilities.

Next, take two LFO modules and connect their outputs to the CV inputs of the Lich module. Set the LFOs to different frequencies and waveforms. These LFOs will introduce modulation to the drum sound, creating rhythmic variations.

To add more dynamics, connect a gate sequencer module to one of the gate inputs of the Lich module. Use the gate sequencer to trigger the drum sound at specific intervals. Adjust the gate length and timing to shape the rhythmic pattern.

For further experimentation, connect another CV module to the CV outputs of the Lich module. This can be used to control external parameters like filter cutoff frequency or resonance, adding further dimension to the overall sound.

Finally, use the patch selection and visualization capabilities of the Lich module to save and recall different patches easily. This feature allows you to instantly switch between variations of your rhythmic pattern or other presets during a performance.

By combining CV modulation, gate inputs, and the patch selection capabilities of the Befaco Lich module, you unlock endless possibilities for creating complex and dynamic rhythms in your Eurorack system.

Further Thoughts

The Befaco Lich is a powerful and versatile programmable multi-function module that takes patch programming to a whole new level. With its intuitive visual interface and extensive feature set, the possibilities are truly endless. Let's dive into an expert-level usage example to showcase just how flexible and creative this module can be in your Eurorack setup.

Imagine you have a complex modular patch with multiple oscillators, filters, and modulation sources. You want to create a morphing sequence that evolves over time, adding depth and movement to your composition. This is where the Befaco Lich truly shines.

First, you connect the stereo audio input of the Lich to the output of your main sound source. This will serve as the foundation for your evolving sequence. Then, using the four pot controls and CV inputs, you assign different parameters such as filter cutoff, wave shape, and modulation depth to each of them.

Next, you take advantage of the two CV outputs of the Lich to modulate various parameters in your patch. For instance, you could route one CV output to control the frequency of an oscillator, creating a cascading effect as the sequence progresses. The second CV output could be used to manipulate the resonance of a filter, adding movement and tension to your evolving sound.

To further enhance the sequence, you utilize the two gate inputs and buttons of the Lich. You connect external trigger sources, such as a sequencer or drum machine, to the gate inputs and assign them to trigger specific events within your patch. This could be triggering an envelope generator, triggering a sample playback, or even activating a rhythmic effect.

To add a touch of randomness and unpredictability, you route the gate output of the Lich to a random source, allowing it to generate sporadic bursts of modulation or triggering unexpected events within your patch.

But what truly sets the Befaco Lich apart is its visual interface. With the built-in display, you can easily visualize and select different patches on the fly, instantly transforming your entire modular setup into entirely new soundscapes. This allows for seamless live performances or quick experimentation during studio sessions.

Finally, you take advantage of the USB host and device connections of the Lich. Using the USB MIDI host functionality, you connect a MIDI controller or external sequencer to the module, allowing you to control various parameters and trigger events without the need for additional CV sources.

In conclusion, the Befaco Lich opens up a world of possibilities in patch programming and visual interface design. Whether you're looking to create evolving sequences, complex modulation, or experiment with dynamic soundscapes, this programmable multi-function module is a game-changer in your Eurorack system. Unleash your creativity and explore the endless possibilities that the Befaco Lich has to offer.