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  1. Exploring the Versatile Quad Variable LFO: Unleashing Creativity with the Five12 QV-L Module

    Unleash your creativity with the Five12 QV-L, a versatile quad variable LFO offering a variety of waveforms, flexible modulation options, clock sync, presets, customizable parameters, and extensive modulation capabilities. Sync with a Vector Sequencer for MIDI communication, set tempo internally or via a tempo clock, trigger with gate inputs, and save up to 40 presets. With animated waveform displays and convenient output processing, this module is perfect for exploring new sonic territories in your Eurorack system.

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  2. Crafting Unique Sounds with Modular Synths Envelope Generators

    The article 'Crafting Unique Sounds with Modular Synths Envelope Generators' explores the combination of five Eurorack modules, including the Jomox ModBase 09 MK II, the Guru Gara Synth 3340 VCO, the Fruku AXB 4:2 switch, the Endorphin.es Airstreamer 4, and the ALM Busy Circuits Pip Slope MK II. The article provides details about the features and capabilities of each module and offers insights into using envelope generators for creating unique and dynamic modular synth sounds.

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