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  1. The Pony VCO: An Analog Thru-Zero Wavefolding Powerhouse in Just 4HP

    The Pony VCO by Befaco is a 4HP module that packs a powerful punch as an analog thru-zero oscillator with a wavefolder and dedicated VCA. Featuring a range selector to switch between LFO and octave ranges, and a waveform selector, the Pony VCO offers excellent stability and tuning capabilities with its Sound Semiconductors IC-based core. The module is available in both Eurorack and 1U formats, making it a versatile addition to any setup. Any analog thru-zero wavefolding enthusiast would be remiss not to consider the Pony VCO for their arsenal.

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  2. Exploring the Endless Possibilities of Befaco Noise Plethora: A Comprehensive Review

    The Befaco Noise Plethora is a highly versatile eurorack module that offers four voice algorithmic noise generators with analog multimode filters. It comes with three different noise generators, each with its own set of variables and manual controls. The module also includes an extensive library of algorithms with a variety of textures, wave clusters, harsh noises, and glitches. In addition, it has three simultaneous outputs with five different noise sources, including classic white noise and granulous texture noise that can be voltage-controlled. This comprehensive review explores the endless possibilities of the Befaco Noise Plethora and its potential for creating unique and dynamic sounds.

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  3. Befaco Lich: Unleashing Endless Possibilities with the Programmable Multi-Function Module

    The Befaco Lich is a programmable multi-function module based on the Rebel Technology OWL platform, resulting from a collaboration between Befaco and Rebel. This module offers stereo in and out, four pot controls with cv inputs, CV and Gate outputs, patch selection with display, and USB MIDI host and device connections. With its 48k 24-bit audio capabilities and various control options, the Befaco Lich opens up a world of possibilities for patch programming and visual interface exploration.

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