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  1. Quirky Delays and Seq Expansions: Bizarre-Jezabel-Quarte MK2 + Xaoc Devices Ostankino II

    The article "Quirky Delays and Seq Expansions: Bizarre-Jezabel-Quarte MK2 + Xaoc Devices Ostankino II" explores the combination of the Bizarre-Jezabel-Quarte MK2 and Xaoc Devices Ostankino II Eurorack modules. The Bizarre-Jezabel-Quarte MK2 is a quad lo-fi delay and LPG/VCA filter delay module that features four vactrol-based LPG/VCA in parallel. Each vactrol-based module is connected to a voltage-controlled delay stage, with individual outputs available. On the other hand, the Xaoc Devices Ostankino II is an expander for the Moskwa II sequencer module. It enhances the connectivity of the Moskwa II module, allowing users to use CV to change various parameters. Ostankino II offers voltage control over parameters such as randomization, slew, probability, transposition, range, first and last step inputs. It also provides individual gate/trigger outputs for each sequence step and features a fixed connection with the Leibniz Binary Subsystem. The article discusses how the combination of these modules can expand creative possibilities in a Eurorack setup. Additionally, the article briefly mentions other modules, including the Kaona Transpos, Intellijel 4U x 104HP Palette Case Top Row, and Black Noise Sallen Key, which further contribute to the overall functionality and versatility of the setup.

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  2. Exploring the Sonic Realm: Unveiling the Bizarre Jezabel Quarte MK2

    In this module spotlight, we delve into the captivating world of the Bizarre Jezabel Quarte MK2. The Quad LoFi Delay/LPG module introduces new modifications, including a toggle switch for output mixing and wet signals. Powered by a Vactrol-based LPG/VCA filter delay, this module features four parallel Vactrol-based LPG/VCA units, each connected to a voltage-controlled delay stage. With individual output availability, the Quarte MK2 offers an unparalleled experience of quad LoFi delay and LPG/VCA functionality. Get ready to unlock a myriad of sonic possibilities with this unique module.

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