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  1. Exploring the Versatility of Michigan Synth Works' Micro Temps Utile: A Black Panel Clock Generator

    The Michigan Synth Works Micro Temps Utile is a versatile black panel clock generator that offers a range of hardware and firmware features, including a Teensy 3.1/3.2 processor, 128x64 OLED display, two clock inputs, four CV inputs, and six clock outputs with various voltage options. The module's firmware includes seven selectable modes, including trigger sequencing, clock division/multiplication, LFSR, randomization, Euclidean rhythms, logic gates, and DAC capabilities. With its compact 14HP size and intuitive interface, the Micro Temps Utile is a powerful addition to any Eurorack setup.

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  2. Connectivity Simplified: Review of Michigan Synth Works 2HP2CV USB-to-CV Adapter Module with Black Panel

    The Michigan Synth Works 2HP2CV USB-to-CV Adapter Module is a highly practical and compact module accessory that comes with a sleek black panel. The 2HP width module features a mini USB connection and LED indicators for Gate activity. With a depth of just 17mm, the module is fully calibrated, making it a great addition to any eurorack setup. This module is an adaptation of the Mutable Instruments CVpal and promises to simplify connectivity.

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