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  1. Exploring the Vintage Sound: Doepfer A-101-8 Photo Phaser Module

    Explore the vintage sound of the Doepfer A-101-8 Photo Phaser Module, a replica of the Compact Phasing A from the seventies. This 8-stage phase shifter utilizes light-sensitive resistors (LDRs) and features LED illumination control. With no built-in LFO, it can be controlled by external control voltage sources. Adjust the phasing offset and modulation depth separately, and control feedback and mixing ratio. The module offers manual control, attenuators, audio inputs and outputs, visual phase shifting display, and stereo sound effects. Attention to jumpers and trimming potentiometers is necessary to maintain proper functioning.

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  2. Exploring Dynamic Noise Generation: A Deep Dive into the Doepfer A-118-2v Eurorack Module

    The Doepfer A-118-2v Eurorack Module is a compact and versatile module designed for noise generation. This slim version of the A-118-1 module offers the same features but with smaller control distances and rubberized small-sized knobs. With just 4 HP of width, it is perfect for setups with limited space.

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  3. Elevate Your Sound with the Doepfer Doboz Mix123 Eurorack Module: A Three-Channel Audio and Control Voltage Processor

    The Doepfer Doboz Mix123 Eurorack Module is an excellent choice for those looking to elevate their sound mixing and control. It is a three-channel audio and control voltage processor that can be configured as an active attenuverter or attenuator. This module allows you to mix audio signals and combine, offset or invert CVs. Additionally, when an output is left unpatched, the signal from that channel is routed to the next channels output. This feature gives you versatile control over your sound and allows you to explore your creativity with more options.

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