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  1. Exploring the Classic Sound of the Transistor Ladder Filter Module by Fully Wired Electronics

    Fully Wired Electronics Transistor Ladder Filter is an affordable 8HP module designed to capture the classic transistor ladder filter sound with its own twist. It features an audio input with attenuator, CV input with attenuator, 1V/Oct tracking, and easy front panel calibration.

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  2. Get Lost in the Soundscapes of the EM-402 Sunless City Transistor Ladder Filter

    The EM-402 Sunless City Transistor Ladder Filter is a top-of-the-line Eurorack filter module that is sure to impress. With both 4-pole / 24 dB/oct and 3-pole 18dB/oct capabilities, this transistor-based low-pass filter provides two signal inputs and fixed and variable exponential CV inputs. The Response control knob allows for varying degrees of filter resonance, from pure low-pass to self-oscillation, all controllable via the variable CV input. Get lost in the soundscapes created by this exceptional piece of gear.

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