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  1. Unleashing Creative Soundscapes: Exploring the Brinta Granular Sampler

    Unleashing Creative Soundscapes: Exploring the Brinta Granular Sampler - a unique Eurorack module with a circular UI, granular sampling, and various interactive features, allowing for the creation of diverse and customizable sound textures.

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  2. Unlock Your Creativity: Exploring the Limitless Possibilities of the 4ms Company Sampler

    Unlock Your Creativity: Explore the limitless possibilities of the 4ms Company Sampler, a versatile eurorack module that records, plays, and loops stereo .wav files from an SD Card. With controls for Pitch, Start Position, and Length, this sampler module offers a range of creative options, from manipulating tiny grains to creating percussive hits and longer loops. Features like reverse playback, cue point snapping, and synchronization capabilities make it a powerful tool for creating unique electronic music. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, the 4ms Company Sampler provides endless potential for sonic exploration and experimentation.

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  3. Unlocking the Creative Possibilities: Exploring the Cv Looper Interface of the Patching Panda Ephemere Eurorack Module

    The Patching Panda Ephemere Eurorack module is a powerful tool for CV recording and playback, with a high-resolution dual-channel recording interface that allows users to record up to 4 seconds of signal on each channel and change the playback speed. The module also features an OLED display for monitoring live and recorded signals and can record pot movements when nothing is patched to the input. With 4 different recording modes and 3 play modes, the Ephemere offers a wide range of creative possibilities for both amateur and professional electronic music creators. It is also skiff-friendly and allows for easy remote updates.

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  4. Get Creative with Winterbloom's Big Honking Button: A Eurorack Sampler with a Sense of Humor

    The Winterbloom Big Honking Button is a fun and quirky Eurorack sampler module that lives up to its name - it's a big button that honks. But don't let the humor fool you, this module is a powerful sampler that can be easily connected to your computer via USB and customized to your heart's content using CircuitPython. This article highlights the module's unique features and encourages readers to get creative with their sampling using the Big Honking Button.

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  5. Exploring the Endorphin.es Two of Cups Black: A User-Friendly 2-Voice Intuitive Sample Player

    Looking for a user-friendly and intuitive sample player module for your Eurorack setup? The Endorphin.es Two of Cups Black could be just what you need. This 2-voice module features 8 banks of samples, with each voice offering zero-latency playback and CV control over Pitch, Gate, and Meta samples scan. You can also adjust parameters such as Decay, Sample volume, Pitch Offset, Sample Select, Looping, and Reverse playback. The module supports WAV files of arbitrary sample rate and comes with a factory sound-bank by Julia Bondar.

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  6. Exploring the Endorphin.es Two of Cups: A Versatile 2-Voice Sample Player Module with Intuitive Controls

    The Endorphin.es Two of Cups is a versatile 2-voice sample player module with intuitive controls, featuring 8 banks each containing 24 samples. With zero-latency playback, each voice has CV control over pitch, gate, and meta samples scan, as well as the ability to set decay, volume, pitch offset up to +/- 2 octaves, sample selection over 24 samples, loop enable/disable, and reverse playback. The module can play WAV files of arbitrary sample rates and features a factory sound-bank by Julia Bondar.

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  7. Exploring the Boundless Possibilities of the ADDAC 112 VC Looper & Granular Sampler Module

    The ADDAC 112 VC Looper & Granular Sampler Module is a highly versatile Eurorack module that combines a looper engine, granular engine, and output mix with individual controls for dry input, looper volume, and grains volume. With the ability to handle buffer sizes up to 5 minutes, this module allows for softer approaches to the granular principle as an effect that can generate everything from slight stutters to extreme processing and transformation of any incoming audio signal. The module is easy to operate and has all its controls in a dedicated panel, with all jack inputs and outputs having their separate panel. The module also features a simple MENU mainly used to LOAD and SAVE Banks, making it ideal for both seasoned pros and beginners alike.

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