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  1. Rediscover Your Love for Rings with Big T Music's Limited Edition Rangoon Eurorack Module

    Big T Music has launched a limited edition version of Rings, the popular Eurorack module by Mutable Instruments, called Rangoon. Rangoon has a Blade Runner-inspired panel design in collaboration with Jonathan Barnbrook and is hand-built by Gareth Luke. The module mirrors Monsoon's layout and is designed to be the perfect 12hp companion module. It comes with an anodized aluminum knob, bipolar LEDs indicating input CV voltage, and a beautiful black and gold FR4 panel with translucent windows for sub-panel illumination. Milled aluminum panels will be available soon. If you're looking for a striking, limited edition Eurorack module to add to your setup, Rangoon is a must-have.

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  2. Experimental Soundscapes: A Guide to Creative Eurorack Patching

    The article "Experimental Soundscapes: A Guide to Creative Eurorack Patching" explores combining five different Eurorack modules: Xaoc Devices Poczdam, Noise Engineering Lacrima Versio, Noise Engineering Melotus Versio, Toppobrillo Multifilter 2, and Big T Music Beehive. Readers can learn about the unique capabilities of each module and how they can be creatively patched together to generate experimental soundscapes. The article also provides detailed information on ways to manipulate the audio signals by using various controls such as voltage-controlled gain, filter frequency, and modulation parameters.

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  3. Beehive Eurorack Module: A Hands-On Review of the Plaits in 8hp by Mutable Instruments

    The Beehive Eurorack Module is an 8hp version of the popular Plaits by Mutable Instruments. The module features anodized aluminum knobs, steel shaft potentiometers, and center detent pots for attenuvertors. It has a beautiful black and gold FR4 panel with translucent windows for sub-panel illumination and comes with M3 Befaco Knurlies included. Hand-built by Gareth Luke, the module has a one-year warranty. It is a versatile and visually striking addition to any setup.

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