Exploring the Endorphin.es Total Recall Black: A 3-Channel Preset Manager and Multistage Macro Controller for Maximum Control in Eurorack

The Endorphin.es Total Recall Black is a powerful module that brings an unprecedented level of control to your Eurorack setup. At just 6HP width, this module offers an impressive 3 channels of control voltage generation, attenuation, and attenuation inversion, allowing for precise control over your sound.

One of the standout features of the Total Recall Black is its 8-preset CV manager with two banks. This powerful feature enables the user to store up to 8 CV values and switch between them instantly, slewed or continuously, providing maximum flexibility and versatility.

In addition to the preset manager, the Total Recall Black features a 3-channel macro CV generator that offers smooth, min./max. control via CV, trigger, or manual input. This highly intuitive feature allows the user to easily shape and manipulate the sound in real-time, providing an unprecedented level of control over their Eurorack setup.

The CV acquisition on the Total Recall Black is handled by 16-bit SDADCs, while the CV outputs are generated by 12-bit DACs, ensuring that the output signal is both accurate and precise. The module also features a depth of 30mm, making it a great choice for those with limited space in their Eurorack setup.

Overall, the Endorphin.es Total Recall Black is a powerful module that is perfect for anyone looking to take their Eurorack setup to the next level. With its intuitive controls, precise CV generation and manipulation, and small footprint, this module is sure to become a favorite among seasoned professionals and newcomers alike.

Example Usage

If you're a novice user of the Endorphin.es Total Recall Black module, you can start by using it as a simple CV generator or attenuator. You can use the first channel to generate a control voltage signal and the second and third channels to attenuate or amplify the signal, depending on your needs. This will allow you to create simple modulation effects, such as vibrato or tremolo, and get comfortable with the basic functions of the module. As you get more familiar with the module, you can start exploring the advanced features, such as the preset manager and the macro controller, which will enable you to create more complex and nuanced CV sequences.

An intermediate-level usage example for the Endorphin.es Total Recall Black: Let's say you have a complex patch with multiple CV sources and destinations, and you want to create a preset for a specific section of the patch. With the Total Recall Black, you can easily do this by using the 3-channel CV generator/attenuator/attenuverter to dial in the desired CV values for each parameter. Once you have the values set, you can save them to one of the eight preset slots by holding down the Save button and choosing the slot number. Then, you can recall the preset at any time by selecting the slot number and pressing the Recall button. This allows for quick and easy switching between different sections of the patch without having to manually adjust multiple parameters. Additionally, the multistage macro controller can be used to create dynamic changes in the CV values over time by using triggers or CV inputs to control the min/max settings. This level of control and flexibility is what makes the Total Recall Black a powerful tool for creative sound design and performance.

Further Thoughts

The Endorphin.es Total Recall Black is a versatile module that offers maximum control in Eurorack setups. One example of its usage is in a live performance where multiple parameters need to be controlled simultaneously. With its 3-channel preset manager and multistage macro controller, the module can save and recall complex CV configurations with ease. This not only saves time but also adds variation to the performance. Additionally, the smooth min/max control via CV, trigger, or manual gives the performer precise control over the macro CV generator. Whether for studio work or live shows, the Total Recall Black is a valuable addition to any eurorack setup.