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  1. Spooky Synthesis: Pittsburgh Modular, 2hp Catnip, Takaab, MRG Kick, and Ryk Modular Combine for Haunting Sounds

    In this article, we explore the spooky sounds that can be achieved by combining several Eurorack modules. First, we have the Pittsburgh Modular Dynamics Controller Bat, which is both a resonant filter and a VCA. It offers a modern interpretation of Don Buchla's lowpass gate, providing a more organic and complex sound. Next, we have the 2hp Catnip, a DSP multi-effects module that pairs perfectly with the Cat Synthesis VCO. This module adds a haunting touch to your sounds, with voltage-controlled cat sounds and various effects. The Takaab 2LPG V2 is a dual passive low pass gate that creates organic and plucky sounds. Its unique response time and filtering capabilities make it a versatile module for spooky sounds. The MRG Kick is a clone of the TR-808 Bass Drum with some additional features. It offers two trigger inputs with different accent levels, allowing for dynamic variations in kick accents. Lastly, we have the Ryk Modular Night Rider, which combines a sequencer and a filter-bank. This module offers four multi-model filters with a four-channel modulation sequencer, allowing for formant animation and dynamic sound shaping. Overall, these modules come together to create haunting and spine-chilling sounds in your Eurorack setup.

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  2. Modular Mayhem: Unleashing the Power of Pandora, TLF, AD110, Running Order, and 2LPG for Epic Eurorack Fun!

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining five Eurorack modules for epic modular mayhem. We start with the Expert Sleepers Pandora, a bandpass filter/distortion processor that offers voltage control over the filter, gain, and feedback, with the capability to synthesize percussion sounds using trigger pulses.

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  3. Unlocking Organic Soundscapes: Exploring the Potential of the 'takaab-2lpg-v2' Eurorack Module

    Unlocking Organic Soundscapes: Exploring the Potential of the 'takaab-2lpg-v2' Eurorack Module

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