Sequencing Bliss: Running Order Meet Ascolta in Modular Harmony

In this article, we explore the seamless integration of the Running Order 1U trigger sequencer with the Jolin Ascolta dual preamp follower in a modular setup. The Running Order module offers precise clock control and intricate trigger sequencing capabilities across two tracks, while the versatile Ascolta module serves as a high-fidelity input preamp with envelope follower and peak detector outputs. Together, these modules create a dynamic and harmonious sequencing environment for both sound manipulation and creative exploration in your Eurorack system.

The Running Order module is a 2-track trigger sequencer and Euclidean generator packed with features. From zero-jitter clock generation to per step trigger probability in 101 mode and global probability in Euclidean mode, this module provides precise control over your sequencing. With separate synchronization inputs, clock dividers, and mute buttons for each track, the Running Order module offers versatility and flexibility in creating intricate trigger sequences.

On the other hand, the Jolin Ascolta module acts as a dual high-fidelity input preamp with envelope follower and peak detector outputs for each channel. Whether you want to amplify stereo line level signals, extract envelopes and peak detectors, integrate separate sources, or side-chain and compress using audio-follower CV outs, the Ascolta module provides a wide range of possibilities for shaping your sound.

Combining the Running Order trigger sequencer with the Ascolta preamp follower allows for a harmonious interplay between precise sequencing control and high-fidelity signal processing. With these modules working together in your Eurorack system, you can delve into a world of creative exploration and sonic manipulation, making them essential components for any modular setup focused on sequencing bliss and modular harmony.

Example Usage

To get started with sequencing bliss using the Running Order and Jolin Ascolta in your modular setup, follow these steps:

  1. Patch a clock signal into the Running Order module to establish the timing for your sequences.
  2. Use one track of the Running Order to trigger the Jolin Ascolta module for generating envelopes and peak detector outputs.
  3. Experiment with programming different trigger patterns on the Running Order to modulate the input signals to the Ascolta module dynamically.
  4. Adjust the gain levels on the Ascolta module to fine-tune the amplification of your audio sources before integrating them into your modular setup.
  5. Explore the possibilities of side-chaining and compression by utilizing the audio-follower CV outputs from the Ascolta module with external VCAs or LPGs.
  6. Dive into the world of stereo signal processing by leveraging the stereo capabilities of both modules to create immersive and dynamic sonic textures.

By combining the precise sequencing capabilities of the Running Order with the versatile audio manipulation features of the Ascolta, you can unlock a world of creative possibilities in your Eurorack system.

Running Order and Ascolta can be combined to create a dynamic and expressive sequencing setup in your Eurorack system. By using the trigger sequencing capabilities of Running Order to drive the modulation and dynamics of Ascolta's preamps, you can create intricate and evolving soundscapes.

For an intermediate-level example, patch the trigger outputs from Running Order into the envelope followers of Ascolta. Adjust the trigger probability settings on Running Order to influence the envelope followers' response to incoming audio signals. This will result in varying amplification levels and dynamics based on the sequenced triggers generated by Running Order.

Experiment with different clock divisions and Euclidean patterns on Running Order to modulate the envelope followers on Ascolta in interesting ways. By adjusting the Euclidean total steps amount and trigger amounts, you can create evolving rhythms and textures in your modular setup.

This integration of sequencing with audio processing allows for a unique and personalized approach to modular synthesis, blending rhythmic structures with dynamic audio processing in real-time. Dive into the depths of sequencing bliss by exploring the harmonious interaction between Running Order and Ascolta in your modular system.

Further Thoughts

To achieve sequencing bliss and modular harmony, we can combine the Running Order 1U Silver trigger sequencer with the Jolin Ascolta dual preamp follower.

Running Order provides precise clock generation and manipulation capabilities for creating rhythmic sequences, while Ascolta offers high-fidelity amplification and envelope following features for shaping incoming audio signals.

By using the Running Order as the master clock to drive sequencing patterns and triggers, we can synchronize the outputs to the inputs of Ascolta to dynamically control audio levels and responses based on the sequenced triggers.

This setup allows for intricate rhythmic patterns to trigger precise audio responses, creating a symbiotic relationship between sequencing and audio processing modules in your Eurorack system.

Harness the power of sequencing and audio manipulation by integrating the Running Order and Ascolta modules in your modular setup, and explore the boundless possibilities of creating evolving and dynamic musical landscapes.