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  1. Modular Marvels: Combining SLOPES, Triple Steeple, MFE-303, Two of Cups, and Vortices for Epic Sound Adventures

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining five different Eurorack modules to create epic sound adventures. The modules we'll be looking at are the ST Modular SLOPES, Shakmat Modular Triple Steeple, Tronix Audio MFE-303, Endorphin.es Two of Cups, and Steady State Fate Vortices.

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  2. Exploring the Endorphin.es Two of Cups: A Versatile 2-Voice Sample Player Module with Intuitive Controls

    The Endorphin.es Two of Cups is a versatile 2-voice sample player module with intuitive controls, featuring 8 banks each containing 24 samples. With zero-latency playback, each voice has CV control over pitch, gate, and meta samples scan, as well as the ability to set decay, volume, pitch offset up to +/- 2 octaves, sample selection over 24 samples, loop enable/disable, and reverse playback. The module can play WAV files of arbitrary sample rates and features a factory sound-bank by Julia Bondar.

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