Exploring the Endorphin.es Two of Cups: A Versatile 2-Voice Sample Player Module with Intuitive Controls

The Endorphin.es Two of Cups is a versatile 2-voice sample player module with intuitive controls that is sure to impress any eurorack enthusiast. The module features eight banks, each containing twenty-four samples, allowing for a ton of creative flexibility. With zero-latency playback, the module ensures that there is no delay in sound output, making it an ideal choice for live performances.

Each voice within the Two of Cups has CV control over pitch, gate, and meta sample scan, as well as the ability to set decay, volume, pitch offset up to +/- 2 octaves, sample selection over 24 samples, loop enable/disable, and reverse playback. Such comprehensive controls over each voice make it easy to create intricate and dynamic soundscapes with just one module.

The Two of Cups module is also capable of playing WAV files of arbitrary sample rates, including 8-bit, 16-bit, and 24-bit samples with 12-bit output bitrate. This makes it possible to integrate samples from almost any source into a eurorack system. Additionally, the module features a unique factory sound-bank created by Julia Bondar, adding even more versatility and variety to the module's sound palette.

Overall, the Endorphin.es Two of Cups is an exceptional addition to any eurorack setup that requires flexibility, creativity, and intuitive controls. Its two identical sample player voices with extensive CV control, the ability to play arbitrary WAV files and a factory sound-bank, make it an indispensable tool for musicians and producers.

Example Usage

If you're new to using sample player modules, the Endorphin.es Two of Cups is a great one to start with. You can use it to play pre-loaded samples, which are organized into 8 different "banks" for easy access. Each bank contains 24 samples, so you have a wide variety to choose from. You can control things like pitch and volume, and even add envelope decay for more dynamic sounds. Simply connect a trigger or gate signal to start playing the sample, and experiment with the different controls to create your own unique sounds.

One great way to use the Endorphin.es Two of Cups is by incorporating it into a live performance setup. With its eight banks and 24 samples per bank, you have access to a wide variety of sounds that you can easily trigger with CV control over pitch, gate, and meta samples scan. The parameter knobs on each channel also offer flexibility in adjusting the decay of the internal ASR envelope, sample volume, and pitch offset. Plus, you can enable looping and reverse playback for added creativity. With the Two of Cups, you can create intricate and dynamic soundscapes on the fly, making it a valuable addition to any live performance rig.

Further Thoughts

One unique way to use the Endorphin.es Two of Cups is to pair it with a sequencer module, like the popular Make Noise René. By sending gate signals from the René to the Two of Cups' Gate input, you can trigger different samples from each of the two voices in the Two of Cups. Then, by adjusting the Pitch CV input on each voice, you can transpose your sample selection to different pitches, creating a melodic sequence. The intuitive controls on the Two of Cups, such as the Parameter knob and the ability to loop and reverse samples, make it easy to manipulate and customize your sound to fit your creative vision.