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  1. Maximizing Versatility: Creating Unique Eurorack Sounds with Voltage Control

    In the article "Maximizing Versatility: Creating Unique Eurorack Sounds with Voltage Control", the author shares ways to create unique Eurorack sounds by combining different modules. The article focuses on using voltage control with modules such as the Synthfox LVL, ADDAC304, Tubbutec 6equencer, Instruo Lion, and Tronix Audio MFE 303. By combining these modules, users can add manual control, matrix mixing, equalization, overdrive amplification, and filtering to their modular synthesizer setup. The author encourages experimentation to achieve unique and versatile results.

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  2. Exploring the Unique Sound of the Eurorack Module: MFE 303 Triple Multimode Steiner Parker Filter, Mixer, and Equalizer

    The MFE 303 Eurorack module is a versatile filter module consisting of three Steiner-Parker filter units, light overdrive input amplifiers, 3-channel equalizer, and an audio summing mixer. The module features a fully analog equalizer with three bands- treble, middle, and depth, each with unique characteristics. The filter channels can be controlled using potentiometers and CV inputs, making it ideal for live performance. The sound of the Steiner-Parker filter units is unique and precise, with modified difficulties of uncontrolled self-oscillation and resonance feedback. This module is also suitable for stereo filtering as incoming audio material is routed to all filter channels if required.

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  3. Discover the ALSTADEN Eurorack Module: An Analog Waveshaping Oscillator, Waveshaper, and VCA All Rolled Into One

    The ALSTADEN Eurorack Module is an analog waveshaping oscillator, waveshaper, and VCA in one, offering harsh and harmonically rich sounds. Its five different waveforms can be adjusted with sliding potentiometers, and wavefolding can be controlled with SHAPE A and SHAPE B knobs and CV inputs. The SUBOCTAVE has two stages of -1 and -2 octaves. The TONE control allows equalization of the output before it is fed to an internal VCA, controlled via the ENV IN socket. Linear and exponential FM can be applied via the FM input, while the V/OCT input controls pitch. Two audio inputs, EXT IN A and B, enable external signals to be routed through the module's functions.

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  4. BaxandallEQ: The Precision EQ Equalizer for Your Eurorack Modular System

    The BaxandallEQ is a precision equalizer for your Eurorack modular system that is based on a renowned circuit design from Peter Baxandall. It is built with high-quality components and materials, and offers a broad range of applications for your modular system and external instruments alike. The module features a 3-band EQ with a ±15dB range for each band, and two individual channels that can be used independently or together with a staggering ±30dB of gain on each band. The internal routing of the circuit is a modification based on the legendary EQ design from 1952. The module is compact at 4HP wide and 25mm deep, and comes with accessories such as screws, plastic washers, and a power flat cable.

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