Unlocking Sonic Possibilities: Exploring the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator's Double Pulse Waveform Generation

Staying on the cutting edge of sound design becomes increasingly possible with the introduction of the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator. The double pulse waveform generation capability of this module identifies it as a significant contender in the eurorack market, particularly for its versatility in creating an array of sonic environments.

What sets the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator apart is its duality. The module can flexibly act as a robust synthesizer or as a sequencer, opening new horizons for the production of audio rate waveforms and rhythmic variations. With a prime focus on the second pulse creation, this module allows for productive tweaks to pulse width, distance, and amplitude, contributing to its multifaceted nature.

At the heart of this wave animator is a simple, yet sophisticated principle: two pulses per wave cycle. The width of the first pulse is malleable to the user's preference, adjustable via the Width knob and associated attenuatable CV input. This detail alone promises a range of sounds, from the uncompromising tones of analog wave folding to the distinct resonance of digital chimes.

The module adds a level of intrigue with the Distance knob, controlling the distance between the two pulses. This yields the potential for staircase-style wave-shapes or two distinct pulses, accommodating for a variety of contexts and preferred styles.

Incorporating the second pulse opens some interesting sonic doors. The amplitude of this pulse, controllable via the Amplitude knob and connected CV input, can manipulate the signal's overall volume and even reverse its phase by going into the negative voltage territory. This feature is not just a step, but a leap, towards unlocking limitless sound design potential.

This dual-pulse waveform generator has another crucial facet – its ability to function as a sequencer. When alternated with triggers, the units can stagger the second pulse, creating rhythmic variations. It's a feasible tool for artists who dare to experiment, tease waves, and bend signals on their terms.

Consequently, it offers an unshrouded header at the back for a connection to an AI011, integrating the saw wave to the input of the AI012 via a 5 to 5 pin IDC cable. If that's not enough, the module can also be linked with a Eurorack Power Cable.

The AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator is an ingenious tool, divulging new dimensions in the realm of sound design. By unlocking vast sonic potentials, it provides both novices and seasoned artists a unique platform to explore, connect and mould music into unprecedented patterns. Its innovative features are not just additions to the module but pathways to the user’s creative freedom. As we delve more into this era of discovery, the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator stands as a beacon, guiding the way towards unimagined sonic landscapes.

Example Usage


Let's start with a simple way to use the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator. We'll explore how to create a basic double pulse waveform.

First, connect an oscillator module, such as the AI011, to the AI012 using an IDC cable. This will provide a basic sound source to work with.

Next, adjust the Width knob on the AI012 to control the width of each pulse in the waveform. Try turning the knob clockwise to make the pulses wider or counterclockwise to make them narrower. You can also experiment with applying a control voltage (CV) to the corresponding input to dynamically modulate the pulse width.

Now, adjust the Distance knob on the AI012. This controls the spacing between the second pulse and the first pulse. Turning the knob clockwise will increase the distance, while turning it counterclockwise will decrease it. Again, you can use the CV input to modulate this parameter.

Lastly, adjust the Amplitude knob on the AI012 to control the volume of the second pulse. Turning the knob clockwise will increase the amplitude, while turning it counterclockwise will decrease it. Remember that the amplitude can be both positive and negative in voltage value. Feel free to experiment with different values and listen to the resulting changes in the waveform.

By combining these three controls, you can shape the characteristics of the double pulse waveform in various ways. Try different combinations of pulse width, distance, and amplitude to explore the sonic possibilities of this module.

Remember, the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator can also be used as a sequencer. By using the pulses as triggers and applying CV to stagger the second trigger, you can create interesting rhythmic variations.

Keep exploring and experimenting with the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator to unlock unique and exciting sounds!

Usage Example:

Let's explore an intermediate-level usage example for the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator. In this scenario, we will use the module as an audio rate waveform generator to create unique timbres.

First, we will connect the AI012 to our Eurorack system using a power cable or the AI011 module if available. Once the module is powered on, we can start shaping our waveform.

To begin, let's set the Width knob to a moderate position, around 12 o'clock. This will determine the duration of each pulse. Now, by applying a positive voltage to the Width CV input, we can further modulate the pulse width. Try patching a slow LFO into this input to create evolving variations in the waveform.

Next, we will adjust the Distance knob. Turning it clockwise will increase the temporal separation between the first and second pulse, while counterclockwise rotation will bring them closer together. Experimenting with this parameter will yield staircase-like wave shapes or more distinct, two-pulse waveforms.

To add further complexity to our sound, let's work with the Amplitude knob. By turning it up, we can increase the level of the second pulse in relation to the first pulse. Remember, the Amplitude control can accept both positive and negative voltage values, allowing for unique sonic effects.

Now, let's introduce some modulation to the Distance and Amplitude parameters. Patch an envelope generator into the Distance CV input and a random modulation source into the Amplitude CV input. This will introduce dynamic changes to the spacing and strength of the pulses, adding rhythmic variations and tonal richness to our generated waveform.

Finally, you can experiment with different patch configurations to explore the full potential of the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator. For instance, using the generated pulses as triggers, you can trigger other modules and introduce further rhythmic complexity into your composition.

Remember, the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator's versatility allows for a wide range of sonic possibilities, from analog wave folding to digital-sounding chimes. Have fun exploring and unlocking the untapped potential of this intriguing module.

Further Thoughts

Incorporating the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator into your modular setup can unlock a world of sonic possibilities. One interesting way to utilize this module is by using it as a sequencer to create rhythmic variations.

By using the pulses generated by the AI012 as triggers and applying control voltage to stagger the second trigger, you can introduce captivating rhythmic patterns into your music. This technique can add complexity and dynamic movement to your compositions, bringing them to life in unique and unexpected ways.

Experiment with different values for the Width, Distance, and Amplitude knobs, as well as their corresponding CV inputs, to further shape the resulting waveforms. The AI012's pulse wave outputs offer a diverse range of timbres, ranging from rich analog-style wave folding to crisp digital chimes.

For even more flexibility, the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator can be seamlessly integrated with the AI011 module. By connecting the un-shrouded header on the rear of the AI012 to the AI011 using a 5 to 5 pin IDC cable or a Eurorack power cable (sold separately), you can easily tap into the AI011's saw wave and further enhance the sonic palette available to you.

With its ability to generate double pulse waveforms with voltage-controlled parameters, the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator opens up endless creative avenues for synthesis and sequencing. Whether you're seeking to add intricate rhythms or explore unique waveforms, this module is a powerful tool that pushes the boundaries of your sonic exploration.