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  1. Creative Chaos: Eurorack Adventures with music-thing-modular, st-modular, boredbrain-music, and intellijel

    In this article, we dive into the world of creative chaos in Eurorack with a unique combination of modules from music-thing-modular, st-modular, boredbrain-music, and intellijel. We explore the motion-sensing capabilities of the music-thing-modular move module, the versatile CV generation of the st-modular influencer, the experimental EQ processing of the boredbrain-music eqx5 module, and the compact yet powerful analog oscillator and LFO features of the intellijel vco-1u. These modules come together to create a sonic playground where unpredictability meets precise control, offering a wide range of modulation sources and signal processing capabilities for adventurous Eurorack enthusiasts.

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  2. Injecting the Sound of Electric Guitars Into Eurorack Synthesizers: A Closer Look at Boredbrain Music's Injectr Module

    Boredbrain Music's Injectr module is an electric guitar and bass interface designed to inject stringed instrument signals directly into the modular environment. This module features a high-impedance input for electric instruments, an overdrive-capable preamp drive circuit with germanium diodes, an amp simulator with analog tone shaping controls, and dedicated eurorack-level FX loop. In addition, it has eurorack and line-level audio outputs, a responsive envelope follower circuit with a control voltage signal, and a 0-5 V gate control signal. The Amp Simulator circuit imparts an amplifier-like quality to the signal and can be toggled off by disengaging the SIM ON switch. Overall, the Injectr module provides a wide range of tones for electric guitars and basses in the eurorack system.

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  3. Exploring the Features and Benefits of Boredbrain Music Monitr: The Ultimate Eurorack Master Output Control Module

    The Boredbrain Music Monitr is a comprehensive audio output monitoring module for Eurorack systems, featuring a stereo VCA-controlled input mixer with CV per channel, a master volume control and dual 5-segment VU meters, as well as a powerful headphone section for live performance and detailed monitoring. Its two stereo inputs, IN 1 and IN 2, are AC-coupled specifically for audio signals and mixed via stereo VCA circuits to reduce noise and allow for external voltage control. The headphone circuit is designed to drive a wide range of headphones with a volume adjustment and a 3-way switch for cueing during live performances. OUT L and OUT R provide balanced line-level stereo output via TRS jacks, allowing for low-noise signal transmission over longer cable runs.

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