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  1. Improving Mobility for Eurorack Users: A Review of the OXI Pipe Eurorack Breakout Module for the OXI ONE Sequencer

    The OXI Pipe Eurorack breakout module for the OXI ONE sequencer is a compact 6HP design that enhances mobility for Eurorack users by routing the 8 CVs and 8 gates outputs plus the reset/CV in and clock inputs through a single HDMI cable. With no power supply required and consumption at 0mA, the module also allows for interconnection between racks when using two OXI Pipes. The module comes with a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, and any 2.0 HDMI or higher version can be used. However, longer cables may reduce the accuracy and quality of the CV signals.

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  2. IDUM: The Gateway to Intelligent Dance Music with the Instant IDM Gate Processor

    The IDUM Eurorack module by Mystic Circuits is a gate processing effect designed to turn inputs into Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) effortlessly. It aims to make the process of creating complex electronic music easier and more accessible to the average modular user. With eight effect modes and CV modulation inputs for all controls, IDUM can vary sequences or turn music into controlled chaos. It also features an eight-step looper and the ability to manipulate external sequencers using the clock output. IDUM is beginner-friendly and encourages users to tweak the module to taste or to add new features with its open-source code and hardware based on the Arduino Nano Every.

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