BaxandallEQ: The Precision EQ Equalizer for Your Eurorack Modular System

The BaxandallEQ is a precision EQ equalizer for your Eurorack modular system that is based on a renowned circuit design from Peter Baxandall. It is built with high-quality components and materials, and offers a broad range of applications for your modular system and external instruments alike. The module features a 3-band EQ with a ±15dB range for each band, and two individual channels that can be used independently or together with a staggering ±30dB of gain on each band.

The internal routing of the circuit is a modification based on the legendary EQ design from 1952. It was never easier to treat your mono/stereo system or external instruments, whole mixes with a touch of this precision equalizer that allows you to dial in any sound from 1950’s onwards.

Konstant Lab highly admires Peter Baxandall and his work, so they based their BaxandallEQ module on one of his renowned circuits that stood the testament of time in various tour applications and studio rigs all around the world. They wanted to make it available for the Eurorack modular format while also improving upon its premise and foundation.

The BaxandallEQ offers broad applications for your modular system and external instruments alike. It pairs exceptionally well with their high-quality stereo mixer module PanoramaMIX and M2S (mono to stereo converter module). This highly sought-after EQ circuit has been used for well over 70 years for processing audio, mastering in many high-end studios as well as home studios and home radios all around the world. They took the original circuit and its bass/treble section and modified it to feature a defined and sound-rich middle range, delivering a convenient way to treat your whole Eurorack modular system with some precision EQ processing without compromising on sound, high-quality components, and materials.

All analog signal path features only the best hand-selected condensers from WIMA and high-quality/low-noise opamps to deliver the best sound possible without any unwanted artifacts. The whole circuit and its components reside on one PCB, which allowed them to keep high-quality/high-performance sound without increasing upon module depth. There is a switch on the back of the module that allows you to set the overall gain of the module – either 0dB or +6dB if desired.

In summary, it was never easier and more affordable to add a slight touch of precision, eliminate unwanted frequencies coming out from your Eurorack modular patches, add raw analog power to bass drums, snares, claps, percussion, or glue whole mixes together. Simply feature BaxandallEQ in your signal path and watch the magic of sound reminiscent of the vintage era unfold right before you. Designed, manufactured, and assembled by hand at Konstant Lab - Slovakia / EU.

Example Usage

If you're new to using equalizers in your eurorack modular system, the BaxandallEQ module is a great place to start. With its intuitive three-band EQ (bass/middle/treble) and user-friendly ±15dB range, it's easy to make subtle (or not-so-subtle) adjustments to your sound. Plus, its design is based on a legendary 1952 EQ circuit, so you know you're getting a tried-and-true sound. Whether you're processing mono/stereo signals or external instruments, the BaxandallEQ can help dial in the perfect sound for your mix.

An intermediate-level usage example of the Konstant Lab BaxandallEQ could be in mixing and mastering applications. In a mix, you may have a track that needs some extra warmth or punch in the bass, while another track sounds muddy in the mids. With the BaxandallEQ, you can dial in the ±15dB range of the bass and mid frequencies to give each track the perfect balance in the mix. Plus, since the module features two channels, you can work on two tracks at once, making it ideal for stereo processing. In mastering, the BaxandallEQ can be a powerful tool for fine-tuning the overall sound of a mix, ensuring that every element sits in its right place in the frequency spectrum.

Further Thoughts

One possible way to utilize the BaxandallEQ module in your eurorack system is to enhance the bass frequencies of your drum modules as well as to add some warmth to your mix output. To do this, you can patch your drum modules into the input of the BaxandallEQ and adjust the bass frequency band to boost the desired frequency range (e.g., 60Hz to 120Hz) by turning the gain knob clockwise. You can also tune the middle and treble frequency bands to achieve a balanced mix and remove any unwanted frequencies. Then, you can patch the output of the BaxandallEQ into a mixer module and use it as a stereo output with the gain switch set to 0dB for a more subtle effect. Alternatively, you can set the gain switch to +6dB to add some extra punch and harmonics to your mix. With its precision EQ shaping capabilities and versatile routing options, the BaxandallEQ is a must-have module for any eurorack user looking for a reliable and sound-enhancing equalizer module.