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  1. SoundForce uVCF 6: The Juno 60/106 Voltage Controlled Lowpass Filter for Your Eurorack Setup

    The SoundForce uVCF 6 is an upcoming 6HP Eurorack module that provides a voltage-controlled low pass filter selection between 4 poles (24db/octave) or 2 poles (12db/octave), with FM CV input, VOCT input, and Q CV input. The filter is a Eurorack interpretation of the Juno 60/106 VCF section, built using modern and widely available parts, as the original custom ICs are now obsolete and unavailable. The module also features loudness drop compensation (LDC) to avoid signal loss with high levels of resonance. Despite the differences in sound between the Juno 60 and 106 synthesizers, the topology of their VCFs is exactly the same, and the uVCF 6 aims to bring that character into the Eurorack format.

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  2. Pizza Eurorack Module Review: Exploring the Versatile FM & Wave-Shape Oscillator

    The Pizza Eurorack module by Bastl Instruments is a versatile FM and wave-shape oscillator that packs a lot of features in a compact size. With three internal oscillators, FM synthesis with wave folding and ring modulation, three waveform outputs, octave transposition and detune, and assignable CV and CTRL knob, the Pizza offers excellent patch flexibility and control. The module also allows for firmware updates via micro USB, making it a great addition to any oscillator module setup.

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  3. Discover the ALSTADEN Eurorack Module: An Analog Waveshaping Oscillator, Waveshaper, and VCA All Rolled Into One

    The ALSTADEN Eurorack Module is an analog waveshaping oscillator, waveshaper, and VCA in one, offering harsh and harmonically rich sounds. Its five different waveforms can be adjusted with sliding potentiometers, and wavefolding can be controlled with SHAPE A and SHAPE B knobs and CV inputs. The SUBOCTAVE has two stages of -1 and -2 octaves. The TONE control allows equalization of the output before it is fed to an internal VCA, controlled via the ENV IN socket. Linear and exponential FM can be applied via the FM input, while the V/OCT input controls pitch. Two audio inputs, EXT IN A and B, enable external signals to be routed through the module's functions.

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