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  1. Matrix Mixer Magic: Sculpting Sonic Landscapes with Kairos, ASQ-1, ADVA-3U

    In this article, we delve into the world of eurorack modules to explore the enchanting possibilities of combining the "Matrix Mixer Magic" trio: Kairos, ASQ-1, and ADVA-3U. We start by introducing the versatile Sound Scaper by Error Instruments for crafting intricate soundscapes. Moving on to Magerit's Kairos, a master controller designed to shape waveforms, generate diverse sequences, and provide an immersive user experience with its circular full-color screen. The ASQ-1 by ALM Busy Circuits adds a fun and immediate sequencing experience with multiple modes for CV/Gate and trigger patterns, making it ideal for live performances and creative experimentation. Lastly, Plum Audio's ADVA-3U steals the show with its smart multimode filter packed with unique features, including a VCA, distortion circuits, and a phase keeper to maintain signal integrity across various filter modes. To tie everything together, the AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer by AI Synthesis serves as the central hub for routing audio and CV signals, offering endless possibilities for signal routing and effects processing. Explore the matrix mixer magic and sculpt sonic landscapes beyond imagination with this powerful combination of eurorack modules.

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  2. Wonderland: The All-In-One Eurorack Patchbay, Matrix Mixer, and Switcher Module

    The Wonderland is an all-in-one, versatile Eurorack patchbay, matrix mixer, and switcher module. It features eight inputs with micro-attenuators and both normal and inverted outputs, allowing for easy signal routing and manipulation. With a switch matrix of 64 push-on/push-off switches, any of the eight inputs can be patched to any of the eight outputs. The on-board micro-attenuators help prevent clipping when multiple inputs are patched to a single output. The Wonderland is perfect for simplifying your Eurorack setup, and its sister module, the Looking Glass, includes full-sized input attenuators and LED status indicators.

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  3. Unlock Endless Possibilities with the AI018 Eurorack Stereo Matrix Mixer

    Unlock endless possibilities with the AI018 Eurorack Stereo Matrix Mixer, a compact 8-in, 8-out module perfect for routing audio or CV signals. With its sixteen potentiometers, you can easily control the routing of stereo inputs to different outputs, making it ideal for creating various effects sends. Expand the depth of your effects by sending inputs to multiple effects, linking effects to each other, and even routing them back into themselves. Don't miss out on this versatile module that will take your sound manipulation to new heights.

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  4. Revolutionize Your Video Manipulation with the RGB Matrix Combo Panel Eurorack Module

    The RGB Matrix Combo Panel is a powerful Eurorack module for video processing and manipulation that combines a three-channel matrix mixer with crossfading keyer functionality. It allows for full-color RGB mixing and pattern/colorizing video sources, as well as complex compositing and effects. The module is expandable with additional input and direct in modules via ribbon cables on the rear of each PCB. Each input module has independent level controls for mixing input into the Red, Green, and Blue outputs and can be attenuated or boosted from zero to 2x scaling. The output module provides access to mixed A and B bus RGB signals, and the keyer module allows for full cross-fade/keying/layering functionality with adjustable sharpness and threshold. The RGB Matrix Combo Panel is a must-have for those looking to take their video manipulation to the next level.

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  5. Maximizing Versatility: Creating Unique Eurorack Sounds with Voltage Control

    In the article "Maximizing Versatility: Creating Unique Eurorack Sounds with Voltage Control", the author shares ways to create unique Eurorack sounds by combining different modules. The article focuses on using voltage control with modules such as the Synthfox LVL, ADDAC304, Tubbutec 6equencer, Instruo Lion, and Tronix Audio MFE 303. By combining these modules, users can add manual control, matrix mixing, equalization, overdrive amplification, and filtering to their modular synthesizer setup. The author encourages experimentation to achieve unique and versatile results.

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  6. Exploring the versatility of LVL, the Eurorack Dual Signal Summator Module

    The article 'Exploring the versatility of LVL, the Eurorack Dual Signal Summator Module' delves into the capabilities of the LVL module, which excels in the backbone operations of modular synthesis: addition, subtraction, attenuation, and inversion of signals. LVL provides two identical manually controlled voltage summators, with three inputs each and a switch that selects between attenuator or attenuverter action of the summator. The module is fit with bicolor LED indicators and is normaled to a 3-input, 2-output mini matrix mixer if only Summator 1 inputs are used. With its versatile voltage summation capabilities, LVL is an essential module for any Eurorack setup.

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