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  1. Exploring the Behringer FOUR PLAY: A Quad VCA and Mixer Module for Eurorack

    The Behringer FOUR PLAY is a modern and compact Eurorack module that allows for incredible flexibility in sound creation. As a quad voltage controlled amplifier, it offers four independent VCAs that can also be used as a 4-channel voltage-controlled mixer. This module is an unlicensed clone of the highly-regarded Intellijel Quad VCA and provides a cost-effective option for those looking to expand their modular synth setup.

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  2. Exploring the AI Synthesis AI022 Harmonic Mixer: Adding Warmth and Distortion to your Sound

    The AI Synthesis AI022 Harmonic Mixer is a CP3-style discreet mixer that can add warmth, harmonic richness, and distortion to your sound as you increase the gain. In our latest article on mixer modules, we explore the features and capabilities of this module and how it can enhance your modular setup.

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  3. Expanding Your Mixing Capabilities with the Paratek MKC7 Stereo Mixer Eurorack Module

    The Paratek MKC7 Stereo Mixer Eurorack Module is a powerful tool for expanding your mixing capabilities. This 1U module features 7 stereo pairs with paired attenuators, allowing for precise level control. Its left inputs are normalled to the right input when nothing is inserted, providing a convenient solution for mono sources. The module is available in both Intellijel and PulpLogic panel types and can be ordered by email with PayPal payment. Overall, the Paratek MKC7 is an affordable and versatile option for any eurorack system.

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  4. Elevate Your Stereo Signal with the paratek-mkc4: A Versatile 8-Channel Eurorack Mixer Module

    The paratek-mkc4 is a versatile 8-channel Eurorack mixer module that can elevate your stereo signal. With 4 stereo pairs and paired attenuators, this module is perfect for any electronic music producer who wants to take their mixing and mastering skills to the next level. It also features left inputs that are normalled to right inputs when nothing is inserted, making it an ideal choice for those who want to switch effortlessly between different sources. This mixer module can be ordered directly via email and is definitely worth the investment for any serious electronic music enthusiast.

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  5. Cockpit 1U: The Compact Stereo Mixer with Sidechain Ducking for Dynamic Eurorack Performances

    The Cockpit 1U from Endorphin.es is a compact stereo mixer designed for dynamic Eurorack performances. With 24 HP width and 4 channel stereo performance mixer, this module is perfect for adding dynamics to your mix. It also includes an onboard compressor with external sidechain control voltage option, and a stereo output for speakers or headphones with enough current to drive a wide range of headphones. The Cockpit 1U has increased headroom and improved sound quality. The LEDs are blue/red instead of red/green, which makes it Daltonic friendly. The module is available in 3U / 6HP format and channel 1 features a stereo jack, while channels 2/3/4 are now dual mono. Overall, the Cockpit 1U is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful and compact mixer for their Eurorack setup.

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  6. BaxandallEQ: The Precision EQ Equalizer for Your Eurorack Modular System

    The BaxandallEQ is a precision equalizer for your Eurorack modular system that is based on a renowned circuit design from Peter Baxandall. It is built with high-quality components and materials, and offers a broad range of applications for your modular system and external instruments alike. The module features a 3-band EQ with a ±15dB range for each band, and two individual channels that can be used independently or together with a staggering ±30dB of gain on each band. The internal routing of the circuit is a modification based on the legendary EQ design from 1952. The module is compact at 4HP wide and 25mm deep, and comes with accessories such as screws, plastic washers, and a power flat cable.

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