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  1. Exploring Carnatic Music with the 'beers-melakarta' Eurorack Module: An Ancestral Sequencing Journey

    Exploring Carnatic Music with the 'beers-melakarta' Eurorack Module takes musicians on an ancestral sequencing journey inspired by the complexities of Melakarta ragas. Developed collaboratively with a unique design approach, this module offers a blend of carnatic music traditions with modern electronic sequencing capabilities. The module features intricate functionality for selecting raga pitch sets, binary-addressable intervals, and clock-controlled sequencing, providing a versatile tool for both performance and experimentation. With a focus on analog circuitry and precise tuning, this 16hp module opens up a world of creative possibilities, bridging the gap between traditional Indian music and contemporary electronic music production.

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  2. Unleashing Creativity with Frequency Central's Berlin School: A Comprehensive Review of its Flexible 8 Step Analogue Sequencer

    The Berlin School, a flexible 8 step analogue sequencer from Frequency Central, is a versatile and powerful module that can unleash creativity in your music production. This comprehensive review highlights the module's classic CD4017 analogue sequencer controlled by a microcontroller which brings onboard clock divisions, quantised outputs, quantised manual, and voltage controlled transpose. The module also has 4/6/8 step sequence options that make it a must-have for any music producer looking to craft unique and complex electronic music.

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