3D Audio Adventures: From Bizarre Jezabel Filters to Quasar's Spatial Mixer & More!

In this article, we explore the exciting world of 3D audio adventures using a combination of Eurorack modules. We dive into the features and capabilities of the Bizarre Jezabel Filters, which provide dual/stereo filter options with cutoff control and CV input.

The Bizarre Jezabel Filters offer a range of options for shaping and manipulating your audio. With dual/stereo filter options, you can create unique stereo effects and explore the stereo field in new and interesting ways. The cutoff control allows you to adjust the frequency range of the filters, while the CV input enables modulation and automation of the cutoff settings. Whether you're looking for subtle filtering or extreme sonic transformations, the Bizarre Jezabel Filters are a versatile tool for achieving your desired sound.

Next, we explore the Neuzeit Instruments Quasar, a groundbreaking binaural 3D audio mixer that allows for dynamic movement and positioning of sounds in three dimensions. Quasar brings the immersive experience of 3D spatial audio to the Eurorack world. With its binaural algorithms, you can seamlessly move sounds around your head, dynamically changing the angle, height, and distance in real time.

The Quasar module features two mono inputs and a stereo output, along with two CV inputs for precise control over the position of sounds. The module operates at 24Bit 48kHz inputs and outputs, with 32Bit internal processing, ensuring high-quality audio throughout the signal chain. With its internal LFOs and flexible routing options, you can add dynamic movement to your soundscapes and create captivating three-dimensional sonic experiences. The Quasar also offers different ear types to choose from, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the 3D effect to suit your preferences.

Moving on, we take a look at the Tubbutec 6m0d6, a versatile drum module that offers a range of organic retro drum sounds and industrial sound effects. Based on the famous TR-606, the 6m0d6 can sound like the original but also goes beyond by introducing new sonic possibilities. With the turn of a knob, you can explore completely new soundscapes, ranging from organic retro drum sounds to industrial sound effects, while still maintaining that iconic "606" feel.

The Tubbutec 6m0d6 includes all seven TR-606 instruments and also features additional parameters for further sound manipulation. You can seamlessly blend between different drum sounds, tune and damp your cymbals, and create unique and experimental percussion sounds. With dynamic triggers, additional CV controls, MIDI control, and individual outputs, this module provides endless creative potential for drum synthesis and sound design.

Lastly, we discuss the Doboz TSNM MkII, a performance-oriented keyboard controller with various functionalities such as arpeggiation, sequencing, and envelope generation. The TSNM features 12 touch-sensitive note plates that are tunable over 6 octaves, along with two transposition buttons for variable transposition distance. The module provides highly accurate pitch output and pressure sensing capability, allowing for expressive control over your music.

With onboard features like the arpeggiator, sequencer, quantizer, pressure CV recorder, envelope generator, random voltage generator, and slew limiter, the TSNM MkII offers a wide range of tools to enhance your performance and creativity. The module can save 17 presets, making it easy to recall your favorite settings and configurations.

To bridge the gap between Eurorack and stompboxes, we introduce the Intellijel Stomp, which acts as a portal for modular synthesists to explore the sonic possibilities of guitar effects pedals. The Stomp provides robust connectors for send/return and expression control, allowing modular signals to interact with a wide range of stompbox effects.

With Stomp, modular synthesists can tap into a vast array of effects, including delays, choruses, flangers, phasers, fuzz boxes, tremolos, wah-wahs, amp simulators, compressors, and pitch shifter pedals. The module also features a built-in LFO for modulating the expression input of your pedal, adding even more sonic versatility. Conversely, guitarists can plug their instrument directly into the Stomp's return jack, gaining access to the diverse world of Eurorack modules and CV modulation possibilities.

In conclusion, these Eurorack modules open up new dimensions in soundscapes and 3D audio experiences. The combination of the Bizarre Jezabel Filters, Neuzeit Instruments Quasar, Tubbutec 6m0d6, Doboz TSNM MkII, and Intellijel Stomp provides a wide range of creative possibilities for electronic music production and performance. Whether you're a modular synthesist looking to explore new sonic territories or a guitarist seeking to expand your sonic palette, these modules offer a gateway to exciting audio adventures. Unlock new dimensions in sound with this collection of cutting-edge Eurorack modules.

Example Usage

In this example, we will combine the Bizarre Jezabel Filter, Neuzeit Instruments Quasar, Tubbutec 6m0d6, Doboz TSNM MKII, and Intellijel Stomp modules in a novice-level eurorack build.

To start, we'll use the Bizarre Jezabel Filter as our sound source. We'll connect the audio output of the Bizarre Jezabel Filter to the audio input of the Tubbutec 6m0d6 module. This will allow us to process the filter's output with the versatile drum sounds and effects of the 6m0d6.

Next, we'll take the processed audio output from the Tubbutec 6m0d6 and route it to the input of the Neuzeit Instruments Quasar. The Quasar's binaural algorithms will create a three-dimensional spatial audio image with the processed drum sounds. We can use the Quasar to dynamically move the drum sounds around our head, change their angle, height, and distance in real time.

To add more expressiveness to our sound, we'll use the Doboz TSNM MKII. We'll connect the CV output of the TSNM MKII to the CV input of the Bizarre Jezabel Filter. This will allow us to modulate the cutoff frequency of the filter using the touch-sensitive note plates of the TSNM MKII. We can create dynamic filter sweeps and rhythmic variations in real time.

Finally, we'll use the Intellijel Stomp module to integrate external effects pedals into our eurorack setup. We'll connect the send/return jacks of the Stomp module to the input/output of our favorite guitar effects pedals. This will give us the freedom to process the entire eurorack audio signal through the pedals and apply effects such as delays, reverbs, and distortions.

By combining these modules, we can create intricate and spatially immersive drum sounds with dynamic filtering and expressive control. The possibilities for creative exploration and sonic experimentation are endless with this eurorack build.

To create an intermediate-level usage example for combining the mentioned Eurorack modules, we can explore how to use the Bizarre Jezabel PKHI Mk2 filter, the Neuzeit Instruments Quasar, the Tubbutec 6m0d6 drum module, the Doboz TSNM MkII keyboard controller, and the Intellijel Stomp effects pedal send/return module.

Let's imagine a scenario where we're creating a dynamic and immersive electronic track. We want to manipulate the drum sounds in 3D space and control their movement using the Quasar module.

First, we connect the Tubbutec 6m0d6 drum module to our Eurorack system, triggering the various drum sounds through its individual outputs.

Next, we route the audio outputs of the Tubbutec 6m0d6 drum module to the inputs of the Bizarre Jezabel PKHI Mk2 filter. This allows us to shape the sound of each drum sound separately by adjusting the cutoff control and using CV inputs for additional modulation.

Afterwards, we take the filtered drum sounds and send them through the send/return section of the Intellijel Stomp module. Here, we can connect various guitar effects pedals to further process the drum sounds.

Now comes the fun part. We take the processed drum sounds from the Intellijel Stomp module and route them through the inputs of the Neuzeit Instruments Quasar module. With Quasar's binaural algorithms and 3D spatial audio capabilities, we can dynamically move the drum sounds around our head, change the angle, height, and distance in real-time. We can create orbits, make the drums appear to come from above or below, front or back, and even move towards or away from us. It's a truly immersive experience.

To add more expressiveness, we connect the CV outputs of the Doboz TSNM MkII keyboard controller to the various CV inputs of the Quasar module. This allows us to modulate the position coordinates of the drum sounds using the pressure sensing capabilities of the TSNM keyboard controller. We can create complex and evolving 3D soundscapes by manipulating these parameters.

Finally, we take the stereo output of the Quasar module and send it to our mixing setup or audio interface, recording the result or playing it live. The end result is a mesmerizing track where the drum sounds move and evolve in a three- dimensional space, creating an immersive listening experience for the audience.

By combining the Bizarre Jezabel PKHI Mk2 filter, Neuzeit Instruments Quasar, Tubbutec 6m0d6 drum module, Doboz TSNM MkII keyboard controller, and Intellijel Stomp send/return module, we can unleash our creativity and explore the boundaries of 3D audio in our Eurorack builds.

Further Thoughts

One exciting way to utilize the combination of the Bizarre Jezabel PKHI MK2, Neuzeit Instruments Quasar, Tubbutec 6m0d6, Doboz TSNM MKII, and Intellijel Stomp modules is to create immersive 3D audio experiences.

Start by using the Bizarre Jezabel PKHI MK2 as a dual/stereo filter to shape the sound of your audio sources. The cutoff control and CV inputs allow for precise and dynamic control over the filtering parameters. Experiment with different cutoff settings for the left and right channels to create interesting stereo effects.

Next, route the filtered audio signals into the Neuzeit Instruments Quasar. This module specializes in creating a 3D sound image using binaural audio processing. Utilize the Quasar's dynamic 3D positioning capabilities to move sounds around the listener's head in real time. By modulating the position coordinates with the internal LFOs or external CVs, you can create mesmerizing scenes where sounds orbit, come from different angles, heights, and distances, as well as move towards or away from the listener.

To add a unique drum element to your 3D audio adventure, incorporate the Tubbutec 6m0d6 module. This versatile drum module provides a wide range of sound possibilities, from organic retro drum sounds to industrial sound effects. Use the dynamic triggers, additional CV controls, MIDI control, and individual outputs to sculpt your drum patterns and add texture to the immersive audio experience.

For even more expressive control, integrate the Doboz TSNM MKII pressure sensing keyboard controller into your setup. This module features touch-sensitive note plates, an arpeggiator, sequencer, envelope generator, and more. Use the pressure sensing capability to control CV outputs and add an extra layer of human control to your soundscape. The TSNM MKII's arpeggiator and sequencer can generate melodic patterns that interact with the 3D audio movement, creating a harmonious blend of spatial and tonal elements.

Finally, complete the integration by using the Intellijel Stomp module. This module bridges the gap between Eurorack and stompboxes, allowing you to interact with a vast array of effect pedals. Connect your guitar or line-level audio to the Stomp's RETURN jack and tap into the creative potential of guitar effects pedals. The built-in LFO can modulate the expression input of the connected pedal, adding another layer of sonic experimentation.

By combining these modules, you can create mind-bending 3D audio adventures that take your listeners on a journey through immersive soundscapes. Get ready to explore the limitless possibilities of spatial audio with this powerful Eurorack setup.