Befaco Output-1U: Enhancing Audio Outputs and Monitoring in Your Modular Setup

The Befaco Output-1U module is an innovative solution to the persistent challenge of integrating your modular setup within the broader context of home or professional studio setups. This 1U stereo output module allows easy conversion of audio signals from your modular to line-levels. It’s an indispensable tool for the eurorack enthusiast, be it for its enhanced audio output capabilities or its abilities as a monitoring device.

Crafted to align with cases incorporating onboard jack connectors, such as the Intellijel 7U and Palette series, the Befaco Output-1U uses a similar pinout. As such, it serves as an efficient conduit by which eurorack signals can easily flow to conventional line-level gear.

This functionality is crucial for those who wish to incorporate external effects units, amplifiers, audio interfaces, or PA systems within their modular array. Moreover, thanks to this module, voltages that are typically unfriendly to such devices are seamlessly converted into a format they can understand, thereby eliminating any potential damage to more sensitive or expensive equipment.

Befaco does not stop there. Built into this seemingly compact module is a high-quality headphone amplifier: a useful feature that allows for real-time listening for instant feedback during the music creation process. This means you can diagnose and troubleshoot any discrepancies in your patch before directing it to larger speakers or recording platforms, ensuring an optimum level of audio quality and consistency.

But perhaps the standout feature — and one that surely brings unprecedented convenience — is the auxiliary monitoring CUE input. This addition allows you to preview other portions of your patch or additional modules without altering your setup's main output. It’s a handy option for those preparing for live performances or for those who need careful control over minute variations in a patch.

In summary, the Befaco Output-1U module offers eurorack enthusiasts a streamlined solution for amplifying and monitoring their audio signal. By incorporating an intuitive design that links modular setup to external audio environment and enhancing the module with headphone amplification and CUE input, Befaco has certainly prioritised user need and convenience, and that makes this module an essential addition to any modular setup.

Example Usage

Imagine you've just assembled your first modular setup and you're excited to explore its sonic possibilities. You've got a selection of oscillators, filters, and modulation sources all patched together, eagerly waiting to be heard. However, you quickly realize that you need a way to connect your modular system to your speakers or headphones. This is where the Befaco Output-1U module comes into play.

To start using the Output-1U, locate the audio outputs on your Eurorack case. Depending on your setup, these may be located on the rear of your case or on the top if you have an Intellijel 7U or Palette series case. Connect the Output-1U module to these outputs using patch cables. Make sure to match the cables to the correct channels, as the module supports stereo audio.

Once connected, you now have two options for monitoring your audio. The first option is to directly connect your speakers or headphones to the Output-1U's audio outputs. If you're using headphones, plug them into the appropriate jack on the front of the module. If you're using speakers, connect them to the line-level outputs located at the rear of the module. Adjust the volume knob on the Output-1U to your desired listening level, and you're ready to explore the sounds of your modular system.

The second option for audio monitoring is utilizing the CUE input and the integrated headphone amplifier. If you have an external audio source, such as a mixer or audio interface, connect its output to the CUE input on the Output-1U. This allows you to easily blend your modular audio with an external source for monitoring purposes. To listen to the cue signal, connect your headphones to the headphone jack on the module's front panel. Adjust the volume of the CUE/EXT knob to find the right balance between the cue signal and your modular audio.

With the Befaco Output-1U module added to your modular setup, you have complete control over audio routing, levels, and monitoring. Whether you're exploring new sonic territories through speakers or diving deep into your patches with headphones, this module ensures that your modular system can be heard in all its glory.

One exciting way to use the Befaco Output-1U module in your modular setup is for live performance scenarios where you need to have separate audio signals for the front-of-house (FOH) mixing console and your personal monitoring system. By utilizing the cue and headphones output features, you can achieve this setup seamlessly.

To get started, connect the main output of the Output-1U module to the input of your FOH mixing console using balanced audio cables. This will ensure optimal signal quality and reduce any potential noise interference. Adjust the output level on the module to match the input sensitivity of your console.

Next, connect your headphones to the dedicated headphone output on the module. The Output-1U module incorporates a high-quality headphone amplifier, guaranteeing excellent audio fidelity. Adjust the headphone volume to a comfortable level before proceeding.

Now comes the interesting part. The Output-1U module provides an auxiliary monitoring CUE input, which allows you to add an additional audio source. Take advantage of this feature by connecting a separate stereo output from your modular system to the CUE input. This could be, for instance, a dedicated track or sequence that you want to monitor separately during your performance.

Using appropriately labeled attenuators to avoid excessive signal levels, you can blend the audio signals from the main output and the CUE input in your headphones. This allows you to hear a unique mix of your performance while simultaneously providing the FOH engineer with the clean, unadulterated main output signal.

The Befaco Output-1U module ensures a seamless integration of your modular system into live setups, offering enhanced control over audio routing and monitoring. Its intuitive design and high-quality components make it an indispensable tool for both stage and studio performances, facilitating optimal sound distribution. With this module, you can take your modular performances to the next level by easily managing multiple audio outputs with minimal hassle.

Further Thoughts

One fantastic way to utilize the Befaco Output-1U module in your modular setup is by taking advantage of its cue and headphone output features to create unique monitoring options. Let's say you are performing a live set using your modular synthesizer, and you want to have precise control over your audio signal and monitor it in real-time.

First, connect the main audio output of your modular system to one of the Output-1U module's stereo line-level outputs. This will ensure that your audio signal is converted to an appropriate level for your external audio gear or mixer.

Next, use the CUE input on the module to bring in an additional source for monitoring. This could be a separate audio track from your DAW or a specific sound source from your modular system. By sending this audio signal into the CUE input, you can easily switch between monitoring your main output and the auxiliary source, allowing for seamless transitions and sonic exploration.

Now comes the exciting part: utilizing Output-1U's headphone output. Connect your favorite headphones to this output, and you'll be able to directly monitor your modular sound without the need for external headphone amplifiers. This is incredibly convenient, especially in live performance scenarios, where having an immediate and private monitoring solution is crucial.

The Befaco Output-1U module grants you control and flexibility over your audio outputs and monitoring options, making it an essential component of your eurorack setup. Whether you're performing live or working in the studio, this module ensures that your audio signals are properly balanced, while still providing a dedicated headphone monitoring solution.