Befaco 1U Motion MTR: Your Versatile Audio and CV Utility with Realtime Visual Feedback

Harnessing the power of audio mixing, inversion, and attenuation just got seamlessly satisfying. Enter Befaco 1U Motion MTR - a feature-packed eurorack utility module that puts mixing, attenuation, and inversion at your fingertips. What sets this module apart is its ability to offer real-time visual feedback, making intricate audio adjustments not just an auditory but also a visual experience.

Befaco has crafted the 1U Motion MTR as a true performer with a futuristic touch. Each of the module's channels serves a versatile purpose, acting as an audio level control with a VU meter, a CV attenuator with a voltage meter, or a CV inverter also with a voltage meter. With these channel functionalities, sound designers and performers can manipulate signals like never before while having a clear visual representation of their levels.

Adding to its versatility, each input in the Motion MTR is normalled to 10v. This means that they can be used to generate fixed voltages, adding depth to your signals and offering a wider palette of sonic possibilities. The module is not limited to functioning in isolation, but rather its interactivity promotes creativity. For instance, the outputs from channels 1, 2, and 3 are summed into Out 4, providing the module with mixing capabilities.

But what if we let our patch cables run wild? The Befaco 1U Motion MTR can morph into other utilities! Patch it to act as an attenuverter with offset, morph it to become a mixer, or let it keep its initial mixing position while also acting as a VU meter. The module is your engaging sandbox, for every patch cable plugged in maps a new road to sonic exploration.

Embodying the spirit of eurorack synthesis, the Motion MTR opens new possibilities for sound designers and electronic music enthusiasts. The process becomes an interactive relationship between the user and the module, as each adjustment is reflected through the module's realtime visual feedback system. By seeing exactly what is being done to your sound, you gain a deeper understanding of your sonic adjustments and control becomes intuitive rather than mechanical.

In summary, the Befaco 1U Motion MTR truly embodies versatility in a compact form factor. Whether you're looking to generate fixed voltages, mix signals, attenuate, or invert, this powerhouse offers an array of utilities. With its unique visual feedback system, get ready to drive your eurorack system to new audio frontiers! Get your hands on the Befaco 1U Motion MTR and start shaping your sounds with precision, flexibility, and creativity.

Example Usage

Imagine you have a system where you want to mix multiple audio signals and control their levels visually. The Befaco 1U Motion MTR is the perfect module to include in your setup. Let's use it to create a basic mixer with visual feedback.

First, connect your audio signals to channels 1, 2, and 3 of the Motion MTR. The input levels will be displayed on the VU meters.

To adjust the levels of each channel, turn the corresponding level controls. You can use the visual feedback from the VU meters to ensure that the levels are balanced.

Now, let's say you want to create a mix using the three channels. Simply patch the Out 4 output to your desired destination. This output will contain the summed signals from channels 1, 2, and 3, acting as a mixer.

If you want to delve further into creativity, you can also use the Motion MTR as a CV attenuator or inverter. Patch a control voltage source to the CV input of any channel and adjust the attenuator control to reduce or amplify the CV signal. The voltage meter will show you the adjusted voltage level.

Furthermore, you can generate fixed voltages by leaving the inputs unpatched, and use the voltage meters as references or sources for other modules in your system.

Remember, you can improvise and combine multiple functionalities of the Motion MTR to suit your needs. Experiment with patching and explore its potential as an attenuverter with offset, a mixer, a VU meter, or any combination you can think of.

The Befaco 1U Motion MTR offers you versatile audio and CV utility with realtime visual feedback, empowering you to take your Eurorack system to new creative heights.

Here's an intermediate-level usage example for the Befaco 1U Motion MTR module:

One interesting application of the Befaco 1U Motion MTR is to use it as a versatile CV mixer with visual feedback. Let's say you have three different CV signals coming from other modules in your Eurorack system, and you want to create complex modulation by mixing and attenuating them.

Start by patching each of the CV signals into the three Input channels of the Motion MTR. As you do this, take note of the voltage meter on each channel, which provides real-time visual feedback of the incoming CV levels. Adjust the individual channel controls to attenuate or amplify the CV signals to your desired range.

Next, patch the Output 4 of the Motion MTR into a modulation destination, such as a VCO's frequency input or a filter's cutoff frequency control. Now, as you adjust the levels of the Input channels, you will be modulating the parameter connected to Output 4.

To add even more creativity, try using one of the channels as a CV inverter. For example, patch an LFO into Input 1 and then use the CV inverter on Input 2. This will create an inverted version of the LFO signal, allowing you to generate complex modulation patterns.

Lastly, you can also use the Motion MTR as a CV attenuverter with offset. Patch a CV source into Input 3 and adjust the attenuator to control the modulation intensity. Then, use the offset control to add or subtract a fixed voltage to the attenuated signal, creating interesting modulation variations.

By using the Befaco 1U Motion MTR in this way, you can create complex and dynamic CV modulation with precise control and visual feedback. It's a fantastic tool for shaping your Eurorack system's sound and pushing your creativity to new heights.

Further Thoughts

Imagine you have a Eurorack setup with multiple oscillators, envelopes, and modulation sources. You want to create an intricate patch where you can control the levels of various audio and CV signals while having clear visual feedback. Enter the Befaco 1U Motion MTR, a versatile audio and CV utility module with realtime visual feedback.

Let's say you have three audio signals, each coming from different oscillators, and you want to mix them together. Simply connect the audio outputs of each oscillator to the audio inputs of channels 1, 2, and 3 on the Motion MTR. As you adjust the level knobs for each channel, the built-in VU meter will provide instant visual feedback, allowing you to precisely balance the audio signals.

Now, let's explore the CV capabilities of the Motion MTR. You have two modulation sources, a sequencer and an LFO, that you want to attenuate and invert before sending them to different destinations. Connect the CV outputs of the sequencer and LFO to the CV inputs of channels 1 and 2, respectively. By adjusting the attenuation knobs, you can control the strength of each modulation signal. The voltage meters provide a clear indication of the attenuated CV levels. If you want to invert the polarity of any of these signals, simply use the CV inverter functions of the Motion MTR.

Additionally, the Motion MTR can be used to generate fixed voltages. By not connecting any input signals, channels 1, 2, and 3 default to a 10v output. This feature comes in handy when you need specific voltage values for patches that require precise control.

To take things a step further, the outputs of channels 1, 2, and 3 are also internally summed into the fourth output, labeled Out 4. This allows you to use the Motion MTR as a mixer for audio signals or as an attenuverter with offset for modulation sources.

The versatility of the Befaco 1U Motion MTR goes beyond traditional utility modules, empowering you to create unique and complex patches. Its combination of audio and CV mixing, attenuation, inversion, and visual feedback make it an essential tool for any Eurorack enthusiast.

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