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  1. Improving Mobility for Eurorack Users: A Review of the OXI Pipe Eurorack Breakout Module for the OXI ONE Sequencer

    The OXI Pipe Eurorack breakout module for the OXI ONE sequencer is a compact 6HP design that enhances mobility for Eurorack users by routing the 8 CVs and 8 gates outputs plus the reset/CV in and clock inputs through a single HDMI cable. With no power supply required and consumption at 0mA, the module also allows for interconnection between racks when using two OXI Pipes. The module comes with a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, and any 2.0 HDMI or higher version can be used. However, longer cables may reduce the accuracy and quality of the CV signals.

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  2. Get the Most out of Your Signal with the ST Modular MULT: A Dual Buffered Multiple Module

    The ST Modular MULT is a buffered multiple module that features both a dual 1x4 and 1x2 or a single 1x6 configuration, with the first input normalized to the second for added versatility. LED indication is available for each input and the module also comes with wrong polarity protection, making it easy to build and use. This article discusses how the ST Modular MULT can help users get the most out of their signals for signal distribution needs.

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  3. Expanding Signal Distribution With Intellijel's Switched Mult 1U Eurorack Module

    Intellijel's Switched Mult 1U module is a passive signal multiplier with six jacks and a 3-position switch that enables asymmetrical routings. It allows you to route an input signal to multiple outputs, and it can be expanded by connecting other 3-pin Link devices, like an XY I/O 1U module or additional Switched Mult 1U modules. This module is useful for scenarios where you need to trigger multiple envelopes, control volume and filter frequency simultaneously, or distribute mults across your case.

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  4. Connectivity Simplified: Review of Michigan Synth Works 2HP2CV USB-to-CV Adapter Module with Black Panel

    The Michigan Synth Works 2HP2CV USB-to-CV Adapter Module is a highly practical and compact module accessory that comes with a sleek black panel. The 2HP width module features a mini USB connection and LED indicators for Gate activity. With a depth of just 17mm, the module is fully calibrated, making it a great addition to any eurorack setup. This module is an adaptation of the Mutable Instruments CVpal and promises to simplify connectivity.

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  5. Bridging Signals Across Your Eurorack Cases with Linkee: The Passive Ethernet Module

    The Linkee is a passive Eurorack module that allows for interconnectivity between different cases or to a faraway place in your case by using an Ethernet cable (not provided) to bridge up to 8 signals, whether audio or CV. The module can be found in a 1U or 3U module, and it is recommended to use shielded STP cables for the best signal transmission performance. The Linkee provides a reliable and easy-to-use solution for bridging signals across eurorack cases.

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