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  1. Exploring the Benefits of the Video Mult Eurorack Module for Perfect Signal Distribution

    The article 'Exploring the Benefits of the Video Mult Eurorack Module for Perfect Signal Distribution' discusses the advantages of using the Video Mult Eurorack module for signal distribution in modular synthesizers. This module is a dual-channel buffered multiple with three outputs per channel that provides unity gain buffering to ensure each of the output sockets tracks the input correctly, no matter how many modules it's connected to and what load is put on it. The article explains how using a splitter cable or a passive multiple module can sometimes result in a loaded down signal or glitches, and how the Video Mult module solves those problems. Additionally, the module can be used as a six-output multiple by leaving the bottom input socket unconnected.

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  2. Exploring the Advantages of Buffered Multiples with the Black Noise Dual Multi Eurorack Module

    This article explores the benefits of using buffered multiples in eurorack systems, specifically with the Black Noise Dual Multi Eurorack module. The module can be configured as either a 1:6 input-output or a 2:3 input-output configuration, and provides a perfect copy of any voltage-critical signals passing through it, eliminating issues with pitch variation. The module also provides isolation for its outputs, preventing any faults or shorts from passing through to connected modules. Overall, the Black Noise Dual Multi provides a reliable and flexible signal distribution solution for any eurorack system.

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  3. Expanding Signal Distribution With Intellijel's Switched Mult 1U Eurorack Module

    Intellijel's Switched Mult 1U module is a passive signal multiplier with six jacks and a 3-position switch that enables asymmetrical routings. It allows you to route an input signal to multiple outputs, and it can be expanded by connecting other 3-pin Link devices, like an XY I/O 1U module or additional Switched Mult 1U modules. This module is useful for scenarios where you need to trigger multiple envelopes, control volume and filter frequency simultaneously, or distribute mults across your case.

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