Get the Most out of Your Signal with the ST Modular MULT: A Dual Buffered Multiple Module

The ST Modular MULT is a powerful and versatile buffered multiple module that can help users get the most out of their signals for all their signal distribution needs. This dual buffered multiple module features both a dual 1x4 and 1x2 or a single 1x6 configuration, with the first input normalized to the second for added versatility.

One of the standout features of the ST Modular MULT is its LED indication for each input, which makes it easy to keep track of signal flow and avoid any mistakes. What's more, the module also comes with wrong polarity protection, making it easy to build and use even for newcomers to eurorack DIY.

One of the major advantages of using a buffered multiple like the ST Modular MULT is that it can help prevent signal loss and unwanted noise in large setups. With its dual 1x4 and 1x2 configuration, users can easily split their signal between different modules, while the 1x6 configuration allows for even more possibilities.

The ST Modular MULT also features a 1x inverted buffered output, adding even more flexibility to the module's functionality. And with its easy-to-build design, the module is a great choice for DIY enthusiasts who want to add a reliable and versatile buffered multiple to their setup.

Overall, the ST Modular MULT is a top-of-the-line buffered multiple module that offers both reliability and flexibility for any eurorack user looking to get the most out of their signals.

Example Usage

If you're still a novice in the Eurorack world, the ST Modular MULT is a great addition to your signal distribution setup. With its dual 1x4 and 1x2, or single 1x6 buffered multiple, you can conveniently distribute your audio signal to multiple outputs without losing signal strength. Simply connect your input to the first input labeled "IN 1" and connect your outputs to any of the four buffered outputs labeled "OUT 1-4." Want to distribute your signal to more than four outputs? Simply connect it to the second input labeled "IN 2" and use any of the two buffered outputs labeled "OUT 5-6." Plus, with LED indicators for each input, it's easy to keep track of your signal distribution.

An intermediate-level usage example of ST Modular MULT, a dual buffered multiple module, includes using it to distribute a clock signal to multiple modules in a eurorack setup. By patching the clock signal to the first input of the MULT, four synchronized and buffered outputs of the clock signal can be distributed to sequencers, LFOs, and other modules. The second input can also be used to distribute a different signal to two other modules simultaneously. This way, the MULT can serve as a simple and effective signal distribution solution for those looking to replicate a clock signal or other essential signals across their modular setup.

Further Thoughts

One of the most innovative ways to use the ST Modular MULT is to use it as a voltage controlled signal distributor. For example, you could connect an LFO to the first input and use the MULT to spread the LFO signal to multiple destinations. Then, by using a voltage source to modulate the second input of the MULT, you can control how much of the LFO is distributed to each output. This technique is perfect for creating complex rhythmic patterns or exploring new ways to manipulate sound. The possibilities are endless when you use the ST Modular MULT in this way, making it an essential tool for any serious Eurorack system.