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  1. Expanding Signal Distribution With Intellijel's Switched Mult 1U Eurorack Module

    Intellijel's Switched Mult 1U module is a passive signal multiplier with six jacks and a 3-position switch that enables asymmetrical routings. It allows you to route an input signal to multiple outputs, and it can be expanded by connecting other 3-pin Link devices, like an XY I/O 1U module or additional Switched Mult 1U modules. This module is useful for scenarios where you need to trigger multiple envelopes, control volume and filter frequency simultaneously, or distribute mults across your case.

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  2. Expand Your Audio Mixing Possibilities with the Intellijel Stereo Mixer 1U: A Chainable Mono/Stereo Eurorack Module

    The Intellijel Stereo Mixer 1U is a must-have for anyone looking to expand their audio mixing possibilities. This chainable mono/stereo Eurorack module is designed specifically for audio and provides a versatile, expandable audio mixer for the Intellijel 1U format. With two pairs of front panel inputs, each with its own level control, and a mixed output pair, you can create sub-mixes for routing audio around larger systems. Additionally, it is AC-coupled and uses audio-grade, logarithmic attenuators for a smooth, even response across the entire volume range.

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