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  1. Clock Grooves and CV Mix: Unleashing Sonic Fun with 4MS SCM, Noise Engineering Roti Pola, OXI Pipe, PPEXP2, and Mosaic ADSR

    In this article, we explore the creative possibilities of combining the 4MS SCM, Noise Engineering Roti Pola, OXI Pipe, PPEXP2, and Mosaic ADSR modules in your Eurorack setup. The 4MS SCM is a clock multiplier with "groove" effects, offering eight multiplied clock tempos and the ability to shuffle/swing certain outputs. The Noise Engineering Roti Pola is a four-channel attenuverting CV mixer and offset with visual feedback. The OXI Pipe is a compact breakout module for the OXI ONE sequencer, allowing for easy routing of CVs, gates, and clock signals. The PPEXP2 is an expander module for Pamela's PRO Workout, providing additional Din Sync and MIDI clock outputs. Lastly, the Mosaic ADSR is a four-stage envelope module, perfect for shaping sound sources and modulating parameters in your Eurorack system. By combining these modules, you can unleash sonic fun and explore a wide range of creative possibilities in your music production.

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  2. Improving Mobility for Eurorack Users: A Review of the OXI Pipe Eurorack Breakout Module for the OXI ONE Sequencer

    The OXI Pipe Eurorack breakout module for the OXI ONE sequencer is a compact 6HP design that enhances mobility for Eurorack users by routing the 8 CVs and 8 gates outputs plus the reset/CV in and clock inputs through a single HDMI cable. With no power supply required and consumption at 0mA, the module also allows for interconnection between racks when using two OXI Pipes. The module comes with a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, and any 2.0 HDMI or higher version can be used. However, longer cables may reduce the accuracy and quality of the CV signals.

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