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  1. Unlocking Creative Possibilities with the Hinton Instruments Signal Matrix: A Guide to Mid/Side Encoding and Control Voltage Processing

    The Hinton Instruments Signal Matrix is a compact stereo signal matrix that allows for mid/side encoding and decoding with added features for waveshaping and control voltage processing. Converting a stereo signal to Mid and Side components allows for single-channel EQ, compression, reverb, and other effects to be used separately before recombining. The module supports all these signal techniques and additionally allows control voltage processing. With its DC coupled low offset balanced inputs and outputs, switchable stereo width control, and normalled connections between encoder and decoder, the Signal Matrix offers precision maximum and minimum derivation of the two inputs, allowing pitch-accurate CV processing. The module also features an insert switch for A/B comparison of processing, maximum, minimum, average, and rectification, and optional DC voltage reference.

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  2. Unleashing Unique Soundscapes with Expert Sleepers' Lorelei VCO Eurorack Module

    The Expert Sleepers Lorelei VCO Eurorack Module is a voltage controlled oscillator that facilitates the creation of unique soundscapes through its quadrature sine outputs, waveshaping, and sync/cross-modulation options. With three waveform outputs and a cross-modulation input, the Lorelei VCO offers a wider range of sounds compared to conventional VCOs. This 100% analogue module also features discrete transistor OTAs for added quality.

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  3. Unleashing New Sonic Dimensions with Innovative Combinations

    Combining the Mosaic Four-Channel Mixer, Nonlinearcircuits Helvetica Scenario, ST Modular Alstaden, and Transient Modules 7J allows for the creation of new sonic dimensions in Eurorack builds. The Mosaic Four-Channel Mixer enables the blending of signals with both audio and CV inputs, while the Nonlinearcircuits Helvetica Scenario offers dual chaos driven S&H with VC slew. The ST Modular Alstaden provides waveshaping oscillator, wave-shaper, and VCA capabilities, and the Transient Modules 7J offers a compact joystick controller module for hands-on expression. Together, these modules allow for a wide range of creative possibilities in sound design.

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  4. Exploring the Wild Possibilities of Atovproject's CDVCA: The World's First Class-D VCA with 1V/Oct Tracking

    Atovproject's CDVCA module is a world-first Class-D VCA that offers a unique approach to VCA technology inspired by Class-D amplification. The module turns the input signal into an ultrasonic PWM signal, which is then scaled and filtered back down to the original signal. The module also features 1V/oct tracking, which allows for crazy waveshaping that tracks melodies. The innovative clipping method of the drive control results in distortions with a defined character, and the module generates a simple square wave with no input, making it a versatile tool for sound creation.

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  5. Exploring the Unconventional Tones of Sovage Engineering's LE DECHU Convulted Analog Polymorph VCO/LFO Eurorack Module

    The Sovage Engineering LE DECHU Convulted Analog Polymorph VCO/LFO Eurorack Module is a convoluted analog VCO and LFO that offers unconventional waveforms and tones like strings and wind instruments or electric pianos and organs from another world. The ALTERATION knob can act as a pseudo filter while the FULL/DIVIDED and SURGE/ODD/RIDGE switches provide a total of 6 starting shapes to tweak. The module can be used as a classic VCO/LFO using the SEMICIRCLE and TRAPEZOID outputs and the standard RAMP output. The CLIPPING DEPTH knob can add a variable pulse wave to the total mashup combined with a hard clipping stage to design and drive waveforms to a more heavy tone. LE DECHU can accurately track 1v/octave and stay in tune, making it a versatile and unique choice for sound designers.

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  6. Exploring the Sound Capabilities of Erica Synths Black VCO2: An Analog VCO with Unique Waveshaping Features

    The Erica Synths Black VCO2 is an all-analog, highly accurate and stable VCO that features four simultaneous waveform outputs, a one-octave down sub-oscillator, a SAW waveshaper, and two modulation LFOs. The module is designed to provide a distinct, rounded square wave, unlike the harsh, logic divider based sub-oscillators. With its skiff-friendly design and a wide octave range, the Erica Synths Black VCO2 is an excellent analog sound source with plenty of patch points for modular use. This article explores the sound capabilities of the module, highlighting its unique waveshaping features and its potential uses in electronic music production.

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  7. Exploring the Dynamic Sound Sculpting Capabilities of Kassutronics Wavefolder Eurorack Module

    The Kassutronics Wavefolder Eurorack module is a highly versatile tool for sound shaping and synthesis, featuring voltage-controlled wavefolding and a range of controls for symmetry and overdrive. With its integrated VCA and expansion points for extra CV inputs, this eight-hp module has the ability to create a rich range of timbres and textures that can be used in a variety of musical contexts. This article explores the unique dynamic sound sculpting capabilities of the Kassutronics Wavefolder module, highlighting its ability to produce complex and nuanced sounds that are ideal for electronic music production and performance.

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