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  1. Get Six Channels of Clean Sound with the Zlob VnIcursal VCA: The Smallest VCA in Eurorack

    The Zlob VnIcursal VCA is a compact, 8HP module that offers 6 channels of OTA-based DC coupled linear VCAs for audio or CV, making it the smallest VCA in the Eurorack market. It doubles as a voltage-controlled mixer, with LED feedback on each channel's amount of gain. The latest VnIcursal version 666 has mostly resistor arrays, simplifying the build and reducing build time by 30-40%. It also reduces bleed and crosstalk issues sometimes present in previous versions. Although analog VCAs can experience some bleed or noise in certain situations, it is highly DIY-friendly and a great addition to any eurorack setup.

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  2. Eurorack Module Spotlight: Unleash Explosive Analog Drum Sounds with the Frequency Central Boom!!

    The Frequency Central Boom!! is an explosive analog drum module that offers a wide range of applications. Its VCO, built around the LM13700, features a HIGH/LOW switch and a SWEEP control for versatile responses. The other half of the LM13700 serves as a release envelope generator with a FAST/SLOW switch and RELEASE control. Additionally, the envelope input is velocity sensitive, providing a dynamic response. This module can craft bass drums, tom toms, chirps, blips, and clicks, making it a must-have for any musician looking to create unique drum sounds.

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  3. Create Deep and Thumping Beats with Weston Precision Audio's B2 Kick Drum & Bass Voice Eurorack Module

    Weston Precision Audio's B2 Kick Drum & Bass Voice Eurorack Module is a DIY-friendly analog synthesizer module, which includes a 1V/Oct VCO with 4 waveforms, a waveform mixer, 2 fast AR/AD envelope generators, a high-quality VCA, and a multi-mode VCF for additional tone shaping. With its new reset/trigger circuit and faster minimum attack times, the B2 module generates deep and thumping kick drums or cutting bass lines without any artifacts. The module also features a sub-octave sine waveform, wave select saw or 2x saw, and stable voltage references for VCO stability under power supply fluctuations. The compact 14HP unit is available pre-built or as a DIY kit.

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