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  1. The XOR Matrix: Tukra, Agni, MixZ, and AXON-1 Unite for Eurorack Excellence

    In this article, we explore the combination of four Eurorack modules - the Tukra trigger sequencer from Tesseract Modular, the Agni VCA/Wavefolder/Distortion module from Knob Technology, the MixZ dual audio mixer from Tiptop Audio, and the AXON-1 CV Expander from ALM Busy Circuits. We delve into the unique features and capabilities of each module and discuss how they can be seamlessly integrated into a Eurorack system to enhance creativity and produce high-quality electronic music.

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  2. Chaos Control: Shaping Your Modular Sound with Clank Chaos and Tiptop Audio MIXZ

    In this article, we explore the combination of the Clank Chaos and Tiptop Audio MIXZ modules in shaping your modular sound. The Clank Chaos module is a six-channel aleatoric brain that generates a continuous stream of gates and voltages through a sophisticated random engine. It offers a wide range of features such as independent probability, width, swing, ratcheting, and time control for each channel. The Tiptop Audio MIXZ module, on the other hand, is a dual audio, CV, and gate mixer with excellent linear response and low noise. It features a clear visual layout and multiple mixers in a small footprint, allowing for easy mixing of audio, CV, and gate signals. The MIXZ has three sections: Mixer A, Mixer B, and MixBus, which can be configured as either two independent 4-channel mixers or a single 8-channel mixer. The MixBus enables mixing of signals from modules utilizing the Tiptop MixBus without the need for patch cables. By combining these modules, you can achieve a flexible and powerful system that can function as an advanced Turing machine, drum sequencer, modulation generator, clock source, voltage recorder, and more. Ultimately, these modules offer creative possibilities for shaping your modular sound.

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