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  1. SoundForce uVCF 6: The Juno 60/106 Voltage Controlled Lowpass Filter for Your Eurorack Setup

    The SoundForce uVCF 6 is an upcoming 6HP Eurorack module that provides a voltage-controlled low pass filter selection between 4 poles (24db/octave) or 2 poles (12db/octave), with FM CV input, VOCT input, and Q CV input. The filter is a Eurorack interpretation of the Juno 60/106 VCF section, built using modern and widely available parts, as the original custom ICs are now obsolete and unavailable. The module also features loudness drop compensation (LDC) to avoid signal loss with high levels of resonance. Despite the differences in sound between the Juno 60 and 106 synthesizers, the topology of their VCFs is exactly the same, and the uVCF 6 aims to bring that character into the Eurorack format.

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  2. Exploring New Soundscapes with PLXNA2: A High-Quality Analog Signal Processor

    The article 'Exploring New Soundscapes with PLXNA2: A High-Quality Analog Signal Processor' delves into the benefits and features of using the PLXNA2 module to create unique sounds and waveforms. The 22HP eurorack module is capable of processing VCO waveforms and offers a variety of inputs and outputs to experiment with. The article highlights the handmade analog high-quality signal processor and recommends patching VCO 1 into Enter and VCO 2 into AM CV input while patching a third VCO or alternate waveform from VCO 1 or 2 into FM CV input. The PLXNA2 module requires external power and comes with a 12v DC Center Positive power supply.

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