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  1. Exploring the Unique Percussive Capabilities of Expert Sleepers Pandora: The Unconventional Bandpass Filter/Distortion Processor

    The Expert Sleepers Pandora is a unique Eurorack bandpass filter/distortion processor that combines power MOSFET transistors and vactrols. This module offers voltage control over the filter, gain, and filter feedback, with a wet/dry mixer also under voltage control. The Pandora also features a range switch that drops the filter response several octaves, allowing for the synthesis of percussion sounds when triggered. This 100% analogue module provides unconventional percussive capabilities for electronic music production.

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  2. Exploring the Dynamic Capabilities of Steady State Fate's Multi-Mode Low Pass Gate with Timbre Modifying Circuits

    The Steady State Gate by Steady State Fate is a unique and versatile multi-mode low pass gate with additional timbre modifying circuitries, including a wave folder, soft saturation overdrive, and QAOS resonance character modifier. It has 6dB/Oct bandpass, 6dB/Oct lowpass, and 12dB/Oct lowpass filter modes, as well as manual frequency cutoff and resonance control with CV input. The module also has a voltage controlled decay envelope tailored to the vactrol LPG response curve, and an excite input that conditions gates, triggers, and external envelopes to "pluck" the low pass gate with sensitivity to envelope attack up to about 50ms. It can be used as a standalone VCF or as a standalone VCA with high-end roll-off.

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