Unlock Unrivalled Creativity with the Malekko Heavy Industry VARIGATE 8+ Eurorack Sequencer

The Malekko Heavy Industry VARIGATE 8+ Eurorack sequencer is a powerful and compact sequencer designed for ultimate control over an entire modular system. It is an ideal choice for electronic music enthusiasts who value unparalleled creativity in creating songs and live performances.

The VARIGATE 8+ features 8 gate channels that offer per-step probability, repeat, delay, and pulse width. This allows the users to create interesting rhythm patterns and add variation to their music as needed. Additionally, the sequencer includes 2 CV channels, which allows for fully variable voltage and glide per step.

Another impressive feature of the VARIGATE 8+ is its custom scale and key selection function. This allows users to play in different scales, including custom scales, offering a range of tonal possibilities.

The sequencer has 100 presets divided into 10 banks. The song mode allows users to sequence any sequence of presets in the bank, thereby providing greater flexibility in composing songs.

Each channel in the VARIGATE 8+ has independent clock division, sequence length, and direction. Mute pages let users quickly mute or unmute channels, while the randomize gate input adds subtle changes to all settings.

The VARIGATE 8+ also includes a realtime channel button triggering and recording mode, allowing users to manipulate the music on the fly. The sequencer has two simultaneous sets of variable random drum map seeding, and channel rotation further adds to the creative possibilities.

Overall, the Malekko Heavy Industry VARIGATE 8+ Eurorack sequencer is a versatile sequencer designed to offer ultimate control and unrivaled creativity in creating music. Its compact size belies its powerful functionality, making it an excellent go-to module for electronic music enthusiasts seeking to push their musical boundaries.

Example Usage

If you are a novice in the field of Eurorack sequencing, the Malekko Heavy Industry VARIGATE 8+ is a great module to get you started. With its easy-to-use interface and intuitive controls, you can quickly create your first sequences. For example, you can start with a simple 4-step sequence with a gate on every step and a CV output controlling the filter cutoff on your oscillator. Then you can experiment with different variations, such as adding probability to some steps, delaying or repeating others, changing the scale or key, or muting some channels for added suspense. You can also use the randomize function to generate unexpected variations. With the VARIGATE 8+, the possibilities for creating unique and engaging sequences are endless – all you need is your imagination!

An intermediate-level usage example of the Malekko Heavy Industry VARIGATE 8+ Eurorack sequencer is to use the per step probability function to create complex and unpredictable rhythms for your music. By assigning different probabilities to each step in a sequence, you can create a constantly evolving and dynamic rhythm that keeps your audience engaged. Furthermore, by using the repeat, delay and pulsewidth functions in combination with per step probability, you can create intricate and detailed patterns that showcase your creativity as an artist.

Further Thoughts

One way to take advantage of the Malekko Heavy Industry VARIGATE 8+ sequencer's unique features is to use its per-step probability function to create ever-evolving and unpredictable rhythms. By assigning different probabilities to each step of a sequence, you can create complex and constantly shifting patterns that keep the listener engaged. And with the ability to store up to 100 channel presets, you can easily recall your favorite probability settings in different contexts. Try combining this with the module's advanced clock division and rotation features to create truly original and dynamic compositions.