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  1. Pushing the Limits of Modular Sound with Strymon's StarLab: A Time-Warped, All-in-One Reverb and Synthesis Module

    The Strymon StarLab module is a time-warped, all-in-one reverb and synthesis module that offers lush reverbs, chorus, flanging, modulated delays, and Karplus-Strong string synthesis. With an intuitive interface designed for hands-on sonic exploration, StarLab is a powerful and responsive module that allows for real-time control over the size/pitch of the reverb process and modulation and delay effects. It also serves as a Karplus-Strong string synthesis voice module that offers a unique and expressive instrument with its own voice. The StarLab module by Strymon is designed to transform your modular rack and provide unparalleled depth and spaciousness in your sound.

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  2. Exploring Unique Sound Shaping Capabilities: Steady State Fate Triptych Eurorack Module Review

    The Steady State Fate Triptych Eurorack module offers unique sound shaping capabilities through its multi-tiered effects and voltage-controlled amplifiers. With distortion, karplus-strong, polyphonic resonance, and a fully analog signal path, this module can be used for subtle to extreme sound transformation. Its features include a high-gain input VCA, multi-mode VCF, multi-mode distortion, and resonant BBD, which can be routed into each other for added versatility. This review illuminates the Triptych's potential to create distinctive and diverse sounds for electronic music production.

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