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  1. Getting Lost in Time and Sound: Exploring the Unique Distortion of Sovage Engineering's Faille Temporelle Eurorack Module

    In the article "Getting Lost in Time and Sound: Exploring the Unique Distortion of Sovage Engineering's Faille Temporelle Eurorack Module" we take a closer look at this self-proclaimed "world's first time-warping distortion" and its ability to go from soft overdrive to extreme clipping distortion. The article delves into the unique tone of this distortion, thanks to its input and output driving stage that is inspired by the sound of old and obscure tape machine preamps from the 70s. The article also warns that this is a complex module that relies on happy accidents and emphasizes the importance of understanding the "DRY OVERLOAD" and "MORPH" functions to fully utilize the module's potential.

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  2. Flame Voco Rder: The Analog Spectral Vocoder/Looper You Need in Your Eurorack Setup

    The Flame Voco Rder is an analog spectral vocoder/looper that combines an 8-channel analog vocoder with a digital CV recorder. This compact 12HP module includes 16 analog bandpass filters for analysis and synthesis, with digitized envelopes output via the DA converter to analog VCAs of the synthesis tapes. The module also features two audio inputs for analysis and synthesis, a monophonic digital oscillator with three waveforms, and an analog noise generator for internal synthesis. The looper recorder has functions such as record, start, stop, playback speed adjustment, and a maximum of three minutes recording time. The synthesis filters can be manually regulated as simple audio filters with the filter/cutoff control. The module will be available by the end of May 2021.

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  3. Chain RouterADDAC809: The CV-Operated I/O Router Solving Your Audio Signal Routing Woes

    The ADDAC809 Chain Router is a CV-operated I/O router that simplifies the process of signal routing by allowing one source to be routed through two different chains before being sent to an output. This module offers six routing patterns, including having the input go to either the output or one of two possible chains, or passing through both chains before reaching the output. The Chain Router is a practical solution for audio producers and musicians who want to quickly switch the order of their delay and looper effects without needing to repatch anything.

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