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  1. Paratek СЛИМИКС 6: A Tiny, Powerful Eurorack Mixer With Loads of Creative Control

    The Paratek СЛИМИКС 6 is a powerful six-channel stereo mixer unit that's perfect for those looking for a tiny, skiff-friendly unit that offers loads of creative control. Each channel comes with its own independent mono audio signal, as well as individual volume, mute, and pan functions. The mixer also features a stereo output channel sum with an SNR of 69Db, and comes in a range of fun knob and button colors. The unit is available for order directly from the manufacturer via email and accepts PayPal.

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  2. Mastering the Mix: A Comprehensive Guide to the STMix 1U Four-Channel Stereo Eurorack Module from Befaco

    The STMix 1U Four-Channel Stereo Eurorack Module from Befaco, encapsulated in a portable 28hp and 1U format, showcases an impressive blend of user-friendly design and advanced functionality. As a standalone unit or when expanded with the Hexmix module, the STMix emerges as an essential tool for audio professionals. This comprehensive guide delves deep into the operation of this four-channel stereo mixer, becoming a must-read for those exploring the versatile world of Eurorack module mixers. Key insights include a thorough look at the module’s exceptional compatibility with the Intellijel 1U format and invaluable tips on capitalizing on its six-pin connector for enhanced mixing potential.

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  3. Enhance Your Performance with Endorphin.es Cockpit 2 Black: A Four-Channel Stereo Mixer with Sidechain Ducking

    The Endorphin.es Cockpit 2 Black is a versatile four-channel stereo mixer that allows users to enhance their performance with sidechain ducking. This mixer module comes with a built-in compressor and an external sidechain control voltage option to add dynamics to the mix. With a stereo output for both speakers and headphones, this Eurorack module is perfect for live performances and studio recordings. It is also available in a compact 1U/24HP version.

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