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  1. Exploring the Versatility of the 3340 VCO Eurorack Module by Guru Gara Synth

    The Guru Gara Synth 3340 VCO Eurorack module is a versatile analog voltage controlled oscillator that can generate three wave forms (square, triangle, ramp), with a triangle to sine converter. It features hard and soft sync inputs, a linear frequency modulation input, and 1 volt per octave input with solid tracking. The pulse width can be adjusted for the square wave, which can also be modulated with an external CV. The module is available as a PCB and front panel kit or a built unit, with the front panel made out of PCB and screen printed by hand.

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  2. Exploring New Soundscapes with PLXNA2: A High-Quality Analog Signal Processor

    The article 'Exploring New Soundscapes with PLXNA2: A High-Quality Analog Signal Processor' delves into the benefits and features of using the PLXNA2 module to create unique sounds and waveforms. The 22HP eurorack module is capable of processing VCO waveforms and offers a variety of inputs and outputs to experiment with. The article highlights the handmade analog high-quality signal processor and recommends patching VCO 1 into Enter and VCO 2 into AM CV input while patching a third VCO or alternate waveform from VCO 1 or 2 into FM CV input. The PLXNA2 module requires external power and comes with a 12v DC Center Positive power supply.

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