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  1. The paratek СЛИМИКС-4: A Compact and Powerful Eurorack Mixer Unit for Your Modular Synth Setup

    In this article, the focus is on the paratek СЛИМИКС-4, a compact and powerful Eurorack mixer unit that's perfect for your modular synth setup. The unit features four independent mono channels for audio signal in a tiny skiff-friendly form factor, with individual volume, mute, and pan functions per channel. With a SNR of 69Db, the stereo output channel sum ensures high-quality sound output. The paratek СЛИМИКС-4 also comes with a wide range of knobs and button colors, and modules can be ordered directly by email from the manufacturer, who accepts PayPal.

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  2. Slim Down Your Rack with the Powerful e/paratek SLIMIKS-4 Mixer Unit

    The e/paratek Slimiks-4 mixer unit is an excellent option for those who would like to reduce their rack size while still having a powerful and versatile mixer. Its small and compact size makes it perfect for tiny skiff setups, and it boasts 4 independent mono channels for audio signals. Each channel has mute, volume, and pan functions, and there is a stereo output channel with a sum SNR of 69dB. Additionally, the Slimiks-4 comes in a wide range of knob and button colors and can be ordered directly via email.

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  3. Elevate Your Stereo Mix with the Paratek Slimix-6: A Comprehensive Review

    The Paratek Slimix-6 is a compact 6-channel stereo mixer unit designed for Eurorack systems. This comprehensive review explores the module's features, including individual volume, mute, and pan functions, as well as its overall sound quality and signal-to-noise ratio. With a skiff-friendly 38hp design and a range of colorful knob and button options available, the Slimix-6 is a versatile and visually appealing addition to any modular setup. The article also provides information on purchasing the module directly from the designer via email and PayPal.

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