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  1. Slim Down Your Rack with the Powerful e/paratek SLIMIKS-4 Mixer Unit

    The e/paratek Slimiks-4 mixer unit is an excellent option for those who would like to reduce their rack size while still having a powerful and versatile mixer. Its small and compact size makes it perfect for tiny skiff setups, and it boasts 4 independent mono channels for audio signals. Each channel has mute, volume, and pan functions, and there is a stereo output channel with a sum SNR of 69dB. Additionally, the Slimiks-4 comes in a wide range of knob and button colors and can be ordered directly via email.

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  2. Get Experimental with Paratek Пуск-3 Black 1u: A Mutating Muter/Gater Eurorack Module

    The article titled 'Get Experimental with Paratek Пуск-3 Black 1u: A Mutating Muter/Gater Eurorack Module' highlights the features of Paratek Пуск-3 Black 1u, a vactrol-based 3 channel muter/gater eurorack module. It functions in two modes, instant, and Latch, and has two random algorithms from the P3PB. The module can work as a gate trigger for external sources when there is no incoming signal, making it suitable for use with envelopes, drum modules, and more. The article mentions that the module can be ordered directly by email and provides a link to the product on Reverb.

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  3. Get creative with the Paratek Пуск-3 Black: A Review of the Vactrol Based 3 Channel Muter/Gater with Random Algorithms

    The Paratek Пуск-3 Black is a vactrol-based 3 Channel Muter/Gater that offers two modes (instant and Latch) with every possible combination of channel-by-channel. This Eurorack module can be used as a trigger for external sources, and features two random algorithms, making it a great tool for creative experimentation. The device can be ordered directly by email and is available for purchase via Reverb.

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  4. An in-depth look at the Versatile 'Paratek gЛИТЧ-1u Black': The Eurorack Module for Advanced Signal Visualization and Monitoring

    The 'Paratek gЛИТЧ-1u Black' is an essential Eurorack module for advanced signal visualization and monitoring. It comes equipped with a single renderer that enables the visual analysis of incoming signals via nine different visualization algorithms. Additionally, it provides a dynamic range of input signals, from audio to CV, and is equipped with a thru output and passive mult. The front panel is customizable and can be ordered in either black or aluminum. If you're looking to enhance your signal visualization capabilities and take your modules to the next level, the 'Paratek gЛИТЧ-1u Black' is definitely worth considering.

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