Maximizing Your Modular Integration: A Comprehensive Guide to Intellijel's MIDI 1U System

The Intellijel MIDI 1U System is a powerful and versatile module that provides easy and programmable MIDI-to-CV conversion for your Eurorack modular system. Whether you want to control your modular from your computer, mobile device, or hardware MIDI device, the MIDI 1U system offers seamless integration with a minimal amount of setup and configuration.

The MIDI 1U module itself is a compact 14HP 1U module that receives MIDI messages from an attached, external MIDI input connector, including the MIDI/USB inputs on your Intellijel 7U Performance Case or Palette Case. The module extracts eight essential messages by default, including Pitch, Velocity, Mod, CC, Gate, Trig, Clock and Reset messages. Each of these messages is sent as proportional voltages to individual 3.5mm jacks for patching, providing you with a wide range of possibilities for controlling your modular system.

In addition to its standard functionality, the MIDI 1U module also offers some powerful configuration options. For example, you can configure the CC and MOD jacks to respond to Channel Aftertouch or High Resolution CC, and the Reset jacks can be configured as a Run jack instead. The module also features an alternate Dual Mode, which maintains the Clock and Reset functionality but uses the other six jacks to transmit Pitch, Velocity, and Gate messages derived from two separate MIDI channels.

For users who need even more control, the MIDI 1U system includes an optional MIDI Expander 1U module, which adds eight fully programmable CV outputs to the existing MIDI 1U module. This means you can greatly expand MIDI 1U's ability to control your entire Eurorack system by adding additional control signals such as LFOs, envelopes, and other modulation sources.

To configure and control the MIDI 1U system, Intellijel offers the Intellijel Config app, which is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. This allows you to access all of the module's features and functions in a more user-friendly way. With this app, you can set up your MIDI channels, assign messages to specific jacks, and enable/disable features like Dual Mode.

Overall, the Intellijel MIDI 1U System is an essential module for any musician or producer who seeks seamless integration between their modular system and other gear. With its compact size, comprehensive feature set, and expandability through the optional MIDI Expander 1U module, the MIDI 1U system offers unparalleled versatility and control over your entire Eurorack setup.

Example Usage

If you're new to using the Intellijel MIDI 1U system, a great way to get started is by connecting a MIDI keyboard or controller to the MIDI input connector using the MIDI IN Jacks 1U module and patching the Pitch, Velocity, and Gate outputs to a VCO, VCA, and envelope module, respectively. This will allow you to play and control your Eurorack system using a MIDI device, and start exploring the endless possibilities of MIDI-to-CV conversion. Remember to download and use the Intellijel Config app to fully configure and customize your MIDI 1U system to suit your needs.

An intermediate-level usage example of the Intellijel MIDI 1U system would be to use it to control a sequencer module like the Mutable Instruments Grids. By connecting your MIDI device to the MIDI input connector or the MIDI In Jacks 1U module, you can use the Pitch, Velocity, and Gate messages from the MIDI 1U module to control the Grids module's sequencer. This allows for precise control over your modular synth's rhythms and melodies, while also allowing you to use your preferred MIDI controller to write and perform your music. Additionally, with the optional MIDI Expander 1U module, you can expand the system's capability to control even more modules within your Eurorack system.

Further Thoughts

If you are looking to maximize integration between your modular gear and external MIDI devices, the Intellijel MIDI 1U system is an excellent solution. With its MIDI-to-CV conversion capabilities, the module allows you to extract Pitch, Velocity, Mod, CC, Gate, Trig, Clock, and Reset messages from external MIDI devices and transmit them directly to your Eurorack modular via individual 3.5mm jacks. And if you need even more outputs, the optional MIDI Expander 1U module provides an additional eight CV outputs that are fully programmable via the Intellijel Config app. By using the dual mode feature of the MIDI 1U system, you can also derive Pitch, Velocity, and Gate messages from two separate MIDI channels. All in all, the MIDI 1U system is a versatile and compact tool that greatly expands your options for MIDI control and integration within your modular system.