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  1. Exploring New Sonic Territories with Cosmos: The Swiss Army Knife of Eurorack Modules

    Discover the versatile Cosmos: a revolutionary analog module that acts as a VCO, LFO, ring modulator, gate generator, mixer, wave shaper, and more, pushing you to explore new sonic horizons.

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  2. Unleashing Chaos: Exploring the Fancyyyyy-rung-divisions Polyrhythmic Clock Divider

    Unleashing Chaos: Explore the Fancyyyyy-rung-divisions Polyrhythmic Clock Divider—a versatile module combining shift registers, pulse dividers, logic operations, and more. Create complex polyrhythmic gate and CV patterns, generate auditory illusions, and experiment with feedback for chaotic results. Find out more at https://www.fancysynthesis.net/.

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  3. Exploring the Creative Possibilities: A Review of the Nonlinear Circuits Cellular Automata Eurorack Module

    The Nonlinear Circuits Cellular Automata Eurorack Module is a versatile pattern generator that can produce unique musical patterns. This module is a 16-cell gate and pattern generator that uses cellular automata rules 90 and 150. The module requires a clock signal and a signal on one of the seed inputs to start a new process or modify the current one. In this review, we explore the creative possibilities of this module and its 3 CV outputs, two based on the activity on each half of the circuit, and one reflecting the pattern generated by the active cells. The Cellular Automata module uses CMOS chips and op amps, without microprocessors, and it is a challenging build, available as a partially assembled PCB set for USD 25 or fully assembled for USD 280.

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  4. Exploring Expressive Control with the Compact Joystick Eurorack Module: A Review of Transient Modules 7J

    The Transient Modules 7J is a compact joystick controller module that offers expressive control for performances and recordings. This module can work as an attenuator or attenuverter with selectable unipolar or bipolar mode switches. The inputs have dedicated attenuators, and both X and Y outputs are equipped with continuously variable offset control for adjusting voltage ranges independently. The joystick is without an auto-return to centre spring, perfect for hands-on expression and playful interaction. Additionally, the 7J has a manual gate generator onboard. All these features make the 7J an excellent choice for those looking to add expressive control to their modular setup.

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