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  1. Maximizing Sound Control: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Guru Gara Synth's Dual VCA Module

    The article titled 'Maximizing Sound Control: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Guru Gara Synth's Dual VCA Module' provides a comprehensive guide to using the dual voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) module, based on CEM3360/AS3360 technology, from Guru Gara Synth. The module features two separate audio inputs and outputs, as well as CV inputs and CV amounts that allow for the independent amplification of each audio signal. The article highlights how to use this module effectively to achieve maximum sound control.

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  2. Flame Voco Rder: The Analog Spectral Vocoder/Looper You Need in Your Eurorack Setup

    The Flame Voco Rder is an analog spectral vocoder/looper that combines an 8-channel analog vocoder with a digital CV recorder. This compact 12HP module includes 16 analog bandpass filters for analysis and synthesis, with digitized envelopes output via the DA converter to analog VCAs of the synthesis tapes. The module also features two audio inputs for analysis and synthesis, a monophonic digital oscillator with three waveforms, and an analog noise generator for internal synthesis. The looper recorder has functions such as record, start, stop, playback speed adjustment, and a maximum of three minutes recording time. The synthesis filters can be manually regulated as simple audio filters with the filter/cutoff control. The module will be available by the end of May 2021.

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  3. Exploring the Many Tonal Possibilities of Expert Sleepers' Ivo Eurorack Filter Module

    The Expert Sleepers Ivo Eurorack Filter Module is a versatile resonant low-pass VCF that can switch between 2-pole and 3-pole responses. With voltage control over feedback and cutoff frequency, this analog module can self-oscillate in 2-pole mode. The Ivo module also features two audio inputs, one with an attenuator, making it easy to mix two signals at the filter input. This article will explore the many tonal possibilities offered by the Expert Sleepers Ivo Eurorack Filter Module.

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  4. Embrace the Classic Sound: Exploring the AM1631 Dual Ring Modulator - A Recreation of the Legendary Moog Dual Ring Modulator

    The AM1631 Dual Ring Modulator is a faithful recreation of the Moog Dual Ring Modulator that delivers a superb sound with ringing bell tones across a wide frequency spectrum. The module uses a pair of UA796 modulation IC's, and LM301A Op Amps, both in "can" format, and just like the original. It has six front panel jack sockets for the audio inputs and outputs of each ring modulator. Designed to complement the Behringer System 55 Modular System, the AM1631 comes with a 10-pin power cable and a set of black M3 screws and washers.

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