Exploring the Versatility of Ebashi Audio's Triple LFO Eurorack Module

Ebashi Audio's Triple LFO Eurorack module is a powerful tool in any modular synthesizer setup. With three dual-wave LFO channels, this module offers a wide range of frequency modulation options. The module's manually variable wave shape control allows for precise sound shaping, and the speed switchable between three ranges (mid, VCO, and LFO) provides further flexibility.

Each LFO channel on the Triple LFO module has an attenuator for depth, allowing for control over the modulation depth of each channel. Additionally, each channel has a control for speed, which can be adjusted using the speed switch. This combination of controls makes the Triple LFO a highly versatile module that can be used in a variety of ways to achieve unique soundscapes.

One of the most significant advantages of the Triple LFO module is its compact size. Despite having three LFO channels, the module takes up minimal space in a Eurorack setup, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful yet space-saving solution.

Moreover, the Triple LFO module can be used to create complex modulations with ease. The mix control on the module allows for multiple LFO waveforms to be combined, enabling intricate patterns and variations to be created effortlessly. The Triple LFO module's waveform range can also be adjusted in real-time, granting users the freedom to experiment with unique soundscapes and intricate modulations.

In conclusion, Ebashi Audio's Triple LFO Eurorack module is a versatile tool that can add depth and complexity to any modular synthesizer setup. With its compact size, waveform variability, and precise controls, the Triple LFO module is an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned professionals looking to expand their sound creation capabilities.

Example Usage

If you are new to using LFOs in your Eurorack setup, the Ebashi Audio Triple LFO module is a great place to start. You can use one of the three LFOs to create a subtle modulation effect on a filter cutoff frequency, and the attenuator knob allows you to control the depth of the modulation. Furthermore, the switchable speed range option will give you a wide range of frequencies to explore, creating a rhythmic movement that will add depth and dimension to your sound. Try experimenting with the different wave shapes and see how they affect the sound output.

One intermediate-level way to use Ebashi Audio's Triple LFO Eurorack Module is to add subtle modulations to a sequence or melody. By patching one of the LFO channels to the pitch CV input of an oscillator and adjusting the speed and depth controls, you can create a slight detuning effect that adds movement and character to your sound. Try experimenting with different waveform shapes to achieve various tonal variations. Alternatively, you can patch the LFO to the filter cutoff or resonance for a more pronounced filtering effect that can be synced to the rhythm of your sequence.

Further Thoughts

Create a constantly evolving and dynamic soundscape by patching the outputs of each LFO channel into different parameters of your synth or effects modules. For example, use the first channel to modulate the filter cutoff frequency, the second channel to modulate the reverb decay time, and the third channel to modulate the pitch of a VCO. Experiment with different combinations, wave shapes, and frequency ranges to achieve complex and evolving textures that will add depth and movement to your tracks.