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  1. Wonderland: The All-In-One Eurorack Patchbay, Matrix Mixer, and Switcher Module

    The Wonderland is an all-in-one, versatile Eurorack patchbay, matrix mixer, and switcher module. It features eight inputs with micro-attenuators and both normal and inverted outputs, allowing for easy signal routing and manipulation. With a switch matrix of 64 push-on/push-off switches, any of the eight inputs can be patched to any of the eight outputs. The on-board micro-attenuators help prevent clipping when multiple inputs are patched to a single output. The Wonderland is perfect for simplifying your Eurorack setup, and its sister module, the Looking Glass, includes full-sized input attenuators and LED status indicators.

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  2. Discover the Versatility of Foxing Hour's SHUTTER: A Triple Video Multiplexer for Your Eurorack Setup

    The article "Discover the Versatility of Foxing Hour’s SHUTTER: A Triple Video Multiplexer for Your Eurorack Setup" explores the features and capabilities of the SHUTTER module. This video rate, triple luma switcher can switch luma signals based on brightness difference and offers three sets of 2-to-1 multiplexer circuits for switching six different B/W images or two full-color RGB sets independently. The article also notes that multiple SHUTTER modules can be daisy-chained for even greater switching possibilities. The module's current consumption has been verified with the Joranalogue Test 3 V/mA Meter.

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